Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1960 - 1961      
H 1.0

    1960-61 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1955-62

  In this home shirt (V-neck collar & Liverbird) Liverpool may be first played in away Division Second match versus Leeds United, 2-0, 19.11.1955, at Elland Road.

  In left  -  1960-61 Home player shirt long and short sleeve  -  inot now good image

  In a season 1955-56 the design home shirt )Liverbird) has changed. Liverpool used home shirt eight seasons, 1955-56 to 1962-63 (time of use shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home shirt how in all home, as and in more away matches.

  H 1.0 - Home shirt with home shorts & home socks.

  * * - Unknown me now which kits used in this matches.


  For all eight seasons, 1955-56 to 1962-63 this shirt (V-neck collar with Liverbird) course can made of different fabrics, on thickness and color. Also can to see what with season 1960-61 (right image) oval with embroidered Liverbird was it is sewn some down what on Liverpool shirt (V-neck collar with Liverbird) with seasons 1955-56 to 1959-60 (left image).

H 1.0
  home     Division Second
  away     Division Second

  Full list when Liverpool players used home shirt will soon.


  1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird & L.F.C. embroidered on an oval). 2nd image, player number use on Liverpool shirt for matches Division One, FA Cup & Friendly.

  Note that Liverpool F.C. did not release any replicas shirts prior to season 1978-1979.

Home shorts Home socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1960-61

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted, please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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