Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1970 - 1971
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  1970-71 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1971

  In this home shirt Liverpool in played in neutral FA Cup Final match versus Arsenal, 1-2 a.e.t., 08.05.1971, at Wembley.

  In left  -  1970-71 FA Cup Final Home player shirt long sleeve № 2 Chris Lawler (signed Chris Lawler)  -  

  In left  -  1970-71 FA Cup Final Home player shirt long sleeve № 6 Emlyn Hughes  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  In left  -  1970-71 FA Cup Final Home commemorative shirt long sleeve (made may be 1972)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  Surprisingly, but on a goalkeeper shirt for the FA Cup Final, for the first time in history of Liverpool shirts the made factory Umbro, has appeared trade mark Umbro that was not on shirts of field players. In what the reason of such difference, is unknown.


   Was used a special one-off match embroidery in capital letters "CUP FINAL 1971" on the chest of the shirt (left image with player shirt). Right image with commemorative shirt.

  Interesting fact: About Emlyn Hughes FA Cup Final, shirt which written Michael Yip (
  Emlyn Hughes' match worn Liverpool F.A. Cup Final 1971 shirt. The shirt was originated from legend Ian Ross. Basically, Ian Ross had played in most of the games during the 1970-1971 F.A. Cup run in as Emlyn Hughes was injured. However, Shankly choose Emyln Hughes for the F.A. Cup Final 1971 and dropped Ian Ross. After the game Emlyn Hughes gave Ian Ross his shirt. This came straight from Ian's mouth.


  Embroidered Umbro logo (black-white-red) on FA Cup Final home goalkeeper shirt and on second (not can other named) home shorts.

  Black Umbro stamp on shirt.

  On shirt also have black stamp text and Umbro logo, which are on a shirt in a bottom, on the right. This stamp was and in away shirt, black color or yellow stamp on home shrt from other seasons.
  1971 FA Cup Final Home commemorative shir

  In left side page you also ca to see 1971 FA Cup Final home commemorative shirt long sleeve. How you know Liverpool F C not made any replicas shirts prior to season 1978-1979. This also not retro shirt made now. If to see on Unbro label, this commemorative shirt made maybe in 1923 or 1973 years., for heads of Liverpool F C club or presentation. May be why know some more about this Cup Final replica shirt, please contact us.

  Liverpool v Arsenal 1971 FA Cup Kits

  Ever wondered why in years gone by you often found two clubs battling it out in an FA Cup semi final or final both in their away kits? (e.g. QPR v Spurs in 1982) Well, maybe its only me then, but it did happen quite frequently in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

  I found this snippet in a 1971 Birmingham City programme that casts some light on the subject. It refers to the 1971 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Liverpool (the match in which Charlie George helped the Gunners to a memorable double):

  “Liverpool will play in their normal all-red strip at Wembley. That was the surprise decision of the FA after a turnabout on their own rules. FA secretary Denis Follows held a private toss of a coin with one of his assistants after deciding to waive the rule which states:

  - Where the colours of the two competing clubs are similar, both clubs must change unless alternative arrangements are mutually agreed by the competing clubs. -

  Liverpool were tails and won the toss. As a result they will play in their normal red colours and Arsenal must change to their reserve strip of yellow and blue.”

  So there you have it – the rule in those days was that if their was a clash both clubs must change strips!

  By John Devlin

  © Copyright of site

  Rule where the colours of the two competing clubs are similar, both clubs must change unless alternative arrangements are mutually agreed by the competing clubs. For Liverpool and other team was used in matches:

  Liverpool-Arsenal, FA Cup Final, 29.04.1950.
  Liverpool-Manchester United FA Cup Semi-Final, 31.03.1979.
  Liverpool-Manchester United FA Cup Semi-Final Replay, 04.04.1979.

  Only in season 1979-80, Liverpool played three FA Cup Semi-Final matches versus Arsenal, teams by turns used the home and away kits.

  This rule in other matches FA Cup Final or Semi-Final, work, as and not work, how in match FA Cup Final Liverpool-Arsenal, 08.05.1971.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1970-71

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