Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1973 - 1974      
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    1973-74 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1974

  In this home shirt Liverpool in played in neutral FA Cup Final match versus Newcastle United, 3-0, 04.05.1974, at Wembley.

  In left  -  1973-74 FA Cup Final Home player shirt long sleeve № 2 Tommy Smith  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  The shirt for this match unusual, not only that on it is a special embroidery FA Cup Final, and a white printed UMBRO logo. The shirt of the player is made of a special fabric, the fabric as now can be named a "breathing", fine grid (below). Usually shirts were produced from a dense fabric. In the further, for matches of top level (FA Cup Final, Charity Shield, European Cup Final 1974-81), a shirt were produced only from such "breathing" fabric (cotton). Usually shorts Liverpool F C were produced from a dense fabric (from 100 % of nylon).

  Also for the FA Cup Final, on Liverpool players was dress shorts with white printed UMBRO logo.


  A special fabric, the fabric as now can be named a "breathing", fine grid.


   On player FA Cup Final 1974 shirt was white printed UMBRO logo (smaller). I n down white printed UMBRO logo with player shirt season 1975-76. How you can to see, white printed UMBRO logos different size.


   Was used a special one-off match embroidery in capital letters "F.A. CUP FINAL 1974" on the chest of the shirt..

  1973-74 FA Cup Final Home player shirt № 2 Tommy Smith  -  Sold for J7,800 gbp (22.02.2012, at Bonham's).

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