Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1979 - 1980
H 1.0 H 1.1
H 1.2 H 1.3

1979-80 Home player shirt long sleeve № 7 Kenny Dalglish (small UMBRO logo & without HITACHI logo, unknown season used)  -  image with site Anfield Relics

1976-78 Home player shirt long sleeve № 14 (big UMBRO logo, unknown season used)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

1979-80 Home player shirt long sleeve № 7 Kenny Dalglish (small UMBRO logo & big HITACHI logo)  -  

  1979-80 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Club sponsor: Hitachi

  Years worn: 1978-82 & 1979-81

  In this home shirt (small UMBRO logo) Liverpool first played in

  In this home shirt (big UMBRO logo) Liverpool first played in

  In this home shirt (small UMBRO logo & big HITACHI logo) Liverpool first played in away Friendly match versus Borussia (Moenchengladbach, F R G), 01.08. 1979, 4-2, at Bokelberg, F R G.

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: J5,45 (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shirt, 1979)

  H 1.0 - Home shirt with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.1 - Home shirt (small UMBRO logo & big HITACHI logo) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.* - Unknow me Home shirt (small UMBRO logo & without HITACHI logo or big HITACHI logo) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.2 - Home shirt (big UMBRO logo & without special embroidery Charity Shield) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.3 - Home shirt (small UMBRO logo & special embroidery Testimonial Ray Clemence) with home shorts & home socks.
  * - Unknown me now kits was worn in matches.

  This standard design of a home shirt, Liverpool used its five seasons with 1978 on 1982. How to define for what of five seasons this shirt I is made do not know. Can, is any distinction on a label? In season 1979-80, Liverpool playing in shirt when was embroidered small UMBRO logo, not how in season 1976-78. But Liverpool used home shirt, how in home, as and in away matches.

  In 1979 Liverpool became the first British team to sign a kit sponsorship deal. Until then no club had ever displayed a sponsors name upon their shirts.

  In what matches Liverpool played in shirts with a club sponsor logo Hitachi and in what is not present, I now do not know. But, most likely this teleimage and an interdiction of FA Association or UEFA on uses of advertising on shirts during television display of matches. It concerns the size with a club sponsor logo Hitachi which was two variants. What for the first time was on shirts, I till last year (2010) have been assured, that the big sponsor logo. But there was Alan Hansen's photo (sponsor logo HITACHI with big Umbro logo) and it is necessary to establish date of this match. Now (2013) I to find photo and know date match. Here you can to see image (look in right). with match versus Norwich C (17.01.1081), Terry McDermott (small UMBRO logo and small HITACHI logo) and Alan Kennedy (big Umbro logo and small Hitachi logo).

  In Charity Shield (11.08.1979) match was used simple home shirt (photo in top left page, Kenny Dalglish & Phil Thompson H 1.-), in shirt not was special embroidery to this match. The special embroidery as was absent in matches Charity Shield 1971, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992 & 1994. Liverpool also played in 60's Charity Shield matches, but and this matches used simple shirt, without special embroidery.

  In season 1979-80, Liverpool used home shirt with special embroidery, this was in home match Testimonial Ray Clemence (14.05.1980).

   The name of the electrical company Hitachi was added to the current kit without any further change. However, as sponsorship was not allowed in several competitions, including Europe, or in televised matches the shirts did not display the word 'HITACHI' for many games and the unsponsored shirt continued to be used.


  Big HITACHI letters, used Liverpool in seasons 1979-80 & 1980-81 (in one match, may be more), small HITACHI letters, used Liverpool in seasons 1980-81 & 1981-82.

  The telling factors that make this an authentic match worn players shirt are the size label in the collar of the shirt, This is shown in the images below, Although the label is slightly creased the size of this shirt can still be clearly seen as 'Large', The replica shirts were sized in inches, for example, 34"/36" and only the players shirts were sized in words, Medium, Large etc...

  Also the Umbro badge on the shirt is fully embroidered into the shirt as is found on the players shirts of this era, Replica Hitachi shirt's sometimes had embroidered Liverbird badges, but never for the Umbro logo also, The players shirts also had the numbers fully stitched onto the back of the shirt in a separate piece of white material, This can also be seen in one of the images below.

  The height of the HITACHI letters are 6cm, the width of the logo is 29cm.

  These shirts would have been worn for more than one game, Sponsorship and kit manufacturing was very basic in the late 70s, This shirt would have been used in many games during the season, This can be seen from the shirt label showing it has been laundered, This would not have happened once the signatures were put onto the shirt , Thus proving the shirt was washed a used a few times by Kenny Dalglish prior to him having it signed and passing this onto a friend of the club.

  The small Hitachi letter is 20 cm wide, and the letters are 5 cm high. This type of smaller Hitachi logo was used for some televised games where allowed, as the full sized logo was used for the standard un-televised home and away games.


  On some site about History Liverpool shirt  write what, Liverpool use home shirt with big HITACHI logo in season 1980-81, but this not right, in first Liverpool F C played in away Friendly match versus Borussia (Moenchengladbach, F R G), 1 August 1979. Now have more photos with away Friendly match between League of Ireland-Liverpool (18.08.1979),when can to look on Liverpool players dress home shirt with big HITACHI logo (left image Terry McDermott). Right image, show Kenny Dalglish in home match Division One versus Bolton Wanderers (21.09.1979), Kenny Dalglish in home shirt big HITACHI logo.

  Curiously, but in the same photo on Ray Clemence the goalkeeper shirt of a team of the contender is dressed. As I think, Ray Clemence could not play to a home goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool F C (I shall remind, it green color) as field players of team League Of Ireland send on a floor in home goalkeeper shirt of national team Republic of Ireland, green, and goalkeeper shirts of other color with a of club emblem at it were not. The problem is solved so, Ray Clemence played to a goalkeeper shirt of yellow color, team League Of Ireland, at number 1, and the goalkeeper of team League Of Ireland, Alan O'Neill, played to a goalkeeper shirt at number 16.

  Yellow color of a goalkeeper shirt, is color which was used by goalkeepers in matches of national teams (not as now).

  I now not know in season 1979-80, Liverpool used home shirt with small UMBRO logo & small HITACHI logo or big UMBRO logo & small HITACHI logo. May be I mistake and you have other information and photo with season 1979-80. In Liverpool programmes have player photo in home shirt with small UMBRO logo & small HITACHI logo, this was image Colin Irwin (Liverpool home programme with match versus Bristol City, 06.10.1979).

  Many supporters incorrectly believe that Liverpool Football Club was the first team in history to adopt commercial sponsorship across their shirts but it was actually Kettering Town that started this trend three whole years before Liverpool. In January 1976 they had "Kettering Tyres" emblazoned on their chests for a game verses Bath. The FA initially ordered the club to remove the logo but sponsorship was officially permitted from 1977 onwards. Derby County started the 1977-78 with "SAAB" across their shirts and all the players also drove the Swedish car. Hibernian were yet another club that beat Liverpool to the chase when they agreed a deal with "Bukta" later that season.

  Hitachi, a Japanese electronics company, sponsored Liverpool F C during the 1979-80 and 1980-81 seasons. The body of the home shirt was identical to the jersey used in the two previous seasons, with the HITACHI logo simply added on top of the existing kit. (with site www thehistoryofliverpoolshirts com)

  This image with home match Division One versus Tottenham Hotspur (02.09.1978), show Steve Heighway (small UMBRO logo) and Graeme Souness (big UMBRO logo) in different shirts in one match. Why Graeme Souness has put on this shirt, success or for other season, can be and in some other matches, shirts of old design - with big UMBRO logo have been used. This was and in seasons 1978-79, 1979-80 & 1980-81, may be & 1981-82.


  As the made Liverpool kits on factory Umbro in the end 70s, and then where they were stored in club was produced, look and read here.

  Home shirt (small UMBRO logo & without HITACHI logo) was worn in matches, which I know, it:

H 1.0
08.09.1979   home   Coventry City   Division One
19.09.1979   home   Dinamo Tbilisi   European Cup
03.10.1979   away   Dinamo Tbilisi   European Cup
27.10.1979   away   Manchester City   Division One
15.12.1979   home   Crystal Palace   Division One
22.12.1979   away   Derby County   Division One
12.01.1980   home   Southampton   Division One
19.01.1980   away   Coventry City   Division One
09.02.1980   away   Norwich City   Division One
12.02.1980   home   Nottingham Forest   League Cup
16.02.1980   home   Bury   FA Cup
08.03.1980   away   Tottenham Hotspur   FA Cup
16.04.1980   neutral   Arsenal   FA Cup
26.04.1980   away   Crystal Palace   Division One
01.05.1980   neutral   Arsenal   FA Cup
03.05.1980   home   Aston Villa   Division One
H 1.1
01.08.1979   away   Borussia Moenchengladbach   Friendly
18.08.1979   away   League of Ireland   Friendly
21.08.1979   home   Bolton Wanderers   Division One
25.08.1979   home   West Bromwich Albion   Division One
04.09.1979   home   Tranmere Rovers   League Cup
15.09.1979   away   Leeds United   Division One
22.09.1979   home   Norwich City   Division One
06.10.1979   home   Bristol City   Division One
13.10.1979   away   Ipswich Town   Division One
20.10.1979   home   Everton   Division One
30.10.1979   home   Exeter City   League Cup
10.11.1979   away   Brighton & Hove Albion   Division One
17.11.1979   home   Tottenham Hotspur   Division One
26.12.1979   home   Manchester United   Division One
29.12.1979   home   West Bromwich Albion   Division One
19.02.1980   home   Nottingham Forest   Division One
19.03.1980   home   Leeds United   Division One
29.03.1980   away   Tottenham Hotspur   Division One
H 1.*
29.08.1979   away   Tranmere Rovers   League Cup
25.09.1979   home   Chesterfield   League Cup
09.10.1979   away   Bolton Wanderers   Division One
03.11.1979   home   Wolverhampton Wanderers   Division One
01.12.1979   home   Middlesbrough   Division One
05.12.1979   away   Norwich City   League Cup
05.01.1980   home   Grimsby Town   FA Cup
12.01.1980   home   Southampton   Division One
23.02.1980   home   Ipswich Town   Division One
26.02.1980   away   Wolverhampton Wanderers   Division One
01.03.1980   away   Everton   Division One
11.03.1980   home   Manchester City   Division One
22.03.1980   home   Brighton & Hove Albion   Division One
01.04.1980   home   Stoke City   Division One
08.04.1980   home   Derby County   Division One
19.04.1980   home   Arsenal   Division One
H 1.2
11.08.1979   neutral   Arsenal   Charity Shield
H 1.3
14.05.1980   home   Anderlecht   Testimonial
03.08.1979   neutral   Feyenoord   Friendly
05.08.1979   neutral   Benfica   Friendly
07.08.1979   away   F B U Select   Friendly
06.11.1979   away   Lille   Friendly
26.05.1980   -   Bahrain XI   Friendly
29.05.1980   away   Al Nasr   Friendly


  Lleft to right: 1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird). 2nd image, player number use on Liverpool shirt. 3rd image, special embroidery for match European Cup Final.

  BEWARE: Despite the common misunderstanding, long sleeve versions of this shirt were released as both player issue AND standard club shop replicas. Many replicas from this season also contained embroidered badges, or a combination of one embroidered badge and one embossed badge, so please do not be fooled by ebay sellers claiming there shirt is match worn simply because of long sleeves and embroidered badges. If you cannot distinguish a player shirt from a replica or a semifinished item, consult to Michael Yip (

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt to look here

Home Charity Shield shirt Home Testimonial Ray Clemence shirt Home replica shirt (small UMBRO logo & small HITACHI logo)
Home shorts Home socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  HITACHI logo on Liverpool away shirts (1979-81)

  "HITACHI" - logo on Liverpool F C shirts (1979-82)

  Show images of Liverpool F C players wearing the kits in season 1979-80

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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