Liverpool FC Third players kits 1982 - 1983      
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1982-83 Third (prototype-?) shirt short sleeve (without CROWN PAINTS logo)  -  image with site Anfield Originals

1983-83 Home player tracksuit top (unknown season used, back said season 1982-83)  -  

    1982-83 Third players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Club sponsor: Crown Paints

  Years worn: 1982-83

  In this third shirt (without CROWN PAINTS logo) Liverpool first played in

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: I did not see any of replica third player shirt.

  In a season 1982-83 the design thirrd shirt has changed. Liverpool used third shirt ? season, 1982-83 (read below).

  T 1.0 -

  This how I named, third shirt, have also shorts (below). How I think, this (prototype-?) shirt made Umbro factory for season 1982-83 or 1983-84. With other side, across some years, can to find photo, when Liverpool played in this shirt. How all know, third kits used in 80s years it was used not often, 1-2 matches for season. Collar this shirt made in style home shirt, multi-color and consequently this shirt not can made for season 1981-82.

  It is possible to not pay to design of a player number of attention, it could make much later.

  More questions, but not answer.

  If why have other information, about this kits, write to me.


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  Lleft to right: 1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird). 2nd image, player number use on Liverpool shirt.

  BEWARE: Once again do not be fooled by those sellers who claim that they are selling a match worn shirt because the badges are embroidered. Many replicas sold in the shops back in 1982 had both embroidered Umbro Logos and embroidered Liverbirds. A genuine player shirt should have embroidered badges, but also WORDED sizings on the neck label.

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt to look here

Third shorts Third socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  The changing face of the CROWN PAINTS logo on the 1982-1985 home shirts

  Show images of Liverpool FC players wearing the kits in season 1982-83

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool FC in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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