Liverpool F C Home players kits 1982 - 1983      
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    1982-83 Home Players Shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1982-8

  In left  -  1982-83 LivErton Home replica shirt long sleeve  -  

  In left  -  1982-83 Home player shirt long sleeve № 4 Mark Lawrenson (without CROWN PAINTS logo, 1st variant, unknown season use)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  In left  -  1982-83 Everton Home replica shirt long sleeve (without HAFNIA logo)  -  image with site

  This interesting shirt made company Umbro, 100& in seson 1982-83. This shirt, I name how "LivErton", made of two half player shirts, two team of city Liverpool, Liverpool F.C. and Everton F.C..

  Why I think what this shirt made in season 1982-83, dimple if Liverpool F.C. used this style home shirt else in seasons 1983-84 and 1984-85, That Everton F.C. since season 1983-84 began to cooperate with the company «Le Coq Sportif».

  Course this shirt made not simple as, how I think there was an anniversary or other memorial.

  Have else this information which written seller this shirt on Ebay, in Febryary 2012 "Up for auction here is an ORIGINAL 1983 one off Liverpool Everton half and half shirt. It is made by Umbro, and when I originally purchased this the seller told me there were only ten made as a promotion when both clubs kits were made by Umbro. The seller worked for Umbro at the time and kept it-so it is brand new without tags and in absolute top condition. It is sized as a 42 which is the biggest size at that time so although it's a large today it's probably an xl back then. It's made from the match issue material of the time which is thicker and more fleece based, the replicas of that time were thinner material. It was obviously not worn in a game but is long sleeved." (full text) This shirt was sold for 121,00 pounds.


  Lleft to right: 1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird & L.F.C.) and Umbro logo. 2nd image, back side embroidered club emblem (Liverbird & L.F.C.) and Umbro logo  3rd image, embroidered club emblem Everton F.C. and Umbro logo.


  On this shirt was size label, how on replica shirt.

  If who has information on it, shall be glad. Write to me contact us. Clause in the further will be added.

  The changing face of the CROWN PAINTS logo on the 1982-1985 home shirts

  Two variants one home shirt (big CROWN PAINTS logo two lines) in seasons 1982-83 & 1983-84

  The Ever changing face of the 'CROWN PAINTS' sponsors logo in the 1985-86 season

  Show images of Liverpool F C players wearing the kits in season 1982-83

  Show images of Liverpool F C players wearing the kits in season 1983-84

  Show images of Liverpool F C players wearing the kits in season 1984-85
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