Liverpool F.C. Second away goalkeepers kits 1984 - 1985
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  1984-85 Second away goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Adidas

  Club sponsor: Crown Paints

  Years worn: 1984

  In this second away goalkeeper shirt (without CROWN PAINTS logo) Liverpool first played in neutral European Cup Final match versus Juventus (Italy), 0-1, 29.05.1985, at Helsel, Brussels (Belgium).

  In left  -  1984-85 European Cup Final Second away goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 1 Bruce Grobbelaar (without CROWN PAINTS logo)  -  not now good image

  In left  -  1984-85 European Cup Final Second home player tracksuit top  -  

  This was not first in history club, when in one of match end season, Liverpool used kits next season. This was how in Friendly, as in official matches. For example, in matches:
  European Cup Final, vs Juventus (Turin, Italy), 29.05.1985.
  Full list to see here.


  Special embroidery ""TEUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1985 for match European Cup Final (with second home goalkeeper shirt).

  Else some time I think what goalkeeper shirt in 1st image was made for European Cup  Final 1985 match, but not used in this match. In December 2013, I in Internet I to find photo when on Bruce Grobbelaar how I think dressed change goalkeeper shirt for European Cup Final match (29.05.1985). May be I mistake.
  To see on left side page (now I not have good photo), in this away goalkeeper shirt Bruce Grobbelaar played in European Cup Final match (29.05.1985). 2nd image, home goalkeeper shirt made in style away goalkeeper shirt. That I mean style, it first of all design of a collar.
  What for goalkeeper shirt in left side page, this one of variants goalkeeper shirt made for European Cup Final match (made may be on other Umbro fabric). This design European Cup Final home goalkeeper was sold for J1,000 in May 2008, on eBay (screen shot with auction page below).
  3rd image. What know me about this black-white photo. How I think photo can to do in away match with 27.071985 to 22.10.1985, course cans other data. Phil Neal captain, on it is dressed in third kits (all yellow).

  Interesting else one detail, In Super Cup match (16.01.1985) versus Juventus (Italy) Bruce Grobbelaar played in green color goalkeeper shirt, but in European Cup  Final (29.05.1985) versus Juventus (Italy) Bruce Grobbelaar played in yellow color goalkeeper shirt. In Super Cup match Liverpool lose and may be on fortune Bruce Grobbelaar change color shirt.

  All season Liverpool used shirt kit manufacturer Umbro, but last match season 1984-85, 29.05.1985, was used kit manufacturer Adidas. In what the reason of such act I at present do not know, can, who has the information on it, write to me in guestbook or on the e-mail.

  The ever changing face of the 'CROWN PAINTS' sponsors logo in the 1985-86 season

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1984-85

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