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1990-91 Home player shirt short sleeve № 9 (patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE, signed Ian Rush)  -  

1990-91 Home player shirt long sleeve № 3 (patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

    1990-91 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Adidas

  Club sponsor: Candy

  Years worn: 1989-91

  In this home shirt Liverpool first played in neutral Friendly (Makita Tournament) match versus Dynamo (Kiev, USSR), 2-0, 29.07.1989, at Wembley.

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: J21,99 (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shirt, 1989-90)

  In a season 1988-89 the design away shirt has changed. Liverpool used away shirt two seasons, 1988-89 & 1990-91. Liverpool used home shirt how in all home, as and in more away matches.

  H 1.0 - Home shirt (patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.1 - Home shirt (shirt (patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE & special embroudery Testimonial Kenny Dalglish) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.2 - Home shirt (shirt (patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE & patch CALTEX & patch BRITISH AIRWAYS) with home shorts & home socks.

  * * - Unknown me now which kits used in this matches, but I assume used home shirt with home shorts & home socks.

  The 1989/90 season has stuck with Liverpool fans worldwide for longer than any associated with the club would ever have imagined at the time. As the team celebrated lifting the League title, little did we know that this would be the last time that Liverpool Football Club could ever be classified the greatest team in England.

  The kit changed from the 1989-90 season, although again fundamentally the new Adidas kit showed relatively slight changes, with the collar style and trim remaining the same on the new shirt. However, advances in technology meant it was now easy to incorporate patterns in the fabric and the Liverpool shirt gained faint white streaks, This shirt is commonly known as the "Fleck Shirt".

  The shorts changed, gaining a broad white stripe down the sides with the three Adidas stripes in red on this stripe. The away strip remained silver grey with red trim, but again the fabric gained a pattern, this time two subtle shades of grey in this fleck style, The badges stayed fully embossed on the replica shirts and stitched on the players shirts, thus keeping the traditions for determining the difference between the replica and players style shirt.

  Although the size of the wording "Candy" altered tremendously from replica to payers shirt, also altering in size on the different players shirt in each competition, as you can see from the picture below the candy logo takes up most of the chest of the shirt, considerably larger than on the previous home or away shirts.

  Candy continued to sponsor Liverpool in the 1989-1991 seasons. The grey away shirt for this era has significant changes - instead of adopting plain red colour like the ones from 1985-1989, this piece shows a specky-red pattern colour. For the shirts from season 1989-1990, there are no patches on the sleeves and sewn on numbers are stitched on the backside. For the season 1990-1991, Division One Football League patches are stitched on the sleeves and velveteen numbers are ironed on the backside.


  With season 1990-91, all teams in Division One start played in shirts on sleeves was sawed patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE, patch sawed on two sleeves. On Liverpool shirt can to see in season 1990-91 different color write THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE, gold or black. How I think, first matches season 1990-91, Liverpool played in shirt with gold inscription THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE, how winner Division One in season 1989-90. How also, winner Premier League on next season played with gold patches Premier League. But more likely it not a gold embroidery, and the faded emblem, and my assumption, wrongly.

  In season 1990-91, Liverpool used home shirt with special embroidery, this was for match Testimonial Kenny Dalglish (12.08.1990).

  This may be was first in history Liverpool F C, when on shirt was used patches sponsor match or tournament.Why may be, else for 22 May 2014 year, I not know, what Liverpool used this home shirt. Else one page in History Liverpool F.C. kits close.

  Left side image, patch CALTEX use on sleeve Liverpool shirt for match Caltex Cup (patch used on right sleeve). Right side image, patch BRITISH AIRWAYS use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for match Caltex Cup (patch used on left sleeve).


  Interesting fact: This interesting photo I to find on site Getty images, why interesting this photo, on photo a young Jamie Redknapp playing for Liverpool reserves, 29th January 1991. On Janie, how on player Wolves wearin shirt with patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Now difficult say, in all matches Pontins League, Liverpool was used shirt with patches THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE. May be this style shirt was used only in one or some matches. May be why any help to me and send any photos with matches Liverpool reserves team for season 199-91, please contact us.

  Left image, before season 190-91 and after, Liverpool team used in away match versus Aston Villa only away shirt, what happing 12 January 1991 year, and why in this match was used home shirt I not know, maybe you have an explanation of this.

  How to distinguish a home shirt of a season 1989-90 from a home shirt of a season 1990-91, very difficultly, only for design player number (below) and in season 1990-91 on sleeves shirt was sawed patches The Football League.

H 1.0
28.08.1990   home   Nottingham Forest   Division One
01.09.1990   home   Aston Villa   Division One
08.09.1990   away   Wimbledon   Division One
16.09.1990   home   Manchester United   Division One
22.09.1990   away   Everton   Division One
25.09.1990   home   Crewe Alexandra   League Cup
06.10.1990   home   Derby County   Division One
20.10.1990   away   Norwich City   Division One
27.10.1990   home   Chelsea   Division One
04.11.1990   away   Tottenham Hotspur   Division One
10.11.1990   home   Luton Town   Division One
17.11.1990   away   Coventry City   Division One
24.11.1990   home   Manchester City   Division One
15.12.1990   home   Sheffield United   Division One
22.12.1990   home   Southampton   Division One
26.12.1990   away   Queens Park Rangers   Division One
01.01.1991   home   Leeds United   Division One
05.01.1991   away   Blackburn Rovers   FA Cup
08.01.1991   home   Blackburn Rovers   FA Cup
12.01.1991   away   Aston Villa   Division One
19.01.1991   home   Wimbledon   Division One
26.01.1991   home   Brighton & Hove Albion   FA Cup
30.01.1991   away   Brighton & Hove Albion   FA Cup
09.02.1991   home   Everton   Division One
17.02.1991   home   Everton   FA Cup
20.02.1991   away   Everton   FA Cup
23.02.1991   away   Luton Town   Division One
27.02.1991   away   Everton   FA Cup
03.03.1991   home   Arsenal   Division One
09.03.1991   away   Manchester City   Division One
16.03.1991   home   Sunderland   Division One
23.03.1991   away   Derby County   Division One
30.03.1991   home   Queens Park Rangers   Division One
09.04.1991   home   Coventry City   Division One
13.04.1991   away   Leeds United   Division One
20.04.1991   home   Norwich City   Division One
23.04.1991   home   Crystal Palace   Division One
04.05.1991   away   Chelsea   Division One
11.05.1991   home   Tottenham Hotspur   Division One
H 1.1
12.08.1990   home   Real Sociedad   Testimonial
H 1.2
17.05.1991   neutral   Arsenal   Friendly
* *
02.08.1990   away   Fiorentina   Friendly
05.08.1990   away   Lillestrшm   Friendly
08.08.1990   away   Stockholm Alliance XI   Friendly
10.08.1990   away   Landskrona   Friendly
12.08.1990   away   H J K Helsinki   Friendly


  1st row (left to right): 1st image, embroidered emblem club. 2nd image, player number (sawed player numbe) used in season 1989-90, on Liverpool shirt for matches in different tournament. 3rd image, player number (rprinted number with Adidas logo) used in seasons 1990-91, on Liverpool shirt for matches in different tournament. 4th image, patch THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for matches Division One, FA Cup, League Cup & Friendly (patches used on two sleeves).
  2nd row: 1st image, special embroidery for match Testimonial Kenny Dalglish. 2nd image, patch CALTEX use on sleeve Liverpool shirt for match Caltex Cup (patch used on right sleeve). 3rd image, patch BRITISH AIRWAYS use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for match Caltex Cup (patch used on left sleeve).

  Attention! If you wish to buy a player shirt Liverpool on the Internet auction, be close. Be careful of a fake or purchases of a player shirt a semi finished item. The semi finished item is when on a game shirt added patches (Premier League or other tournaments), a logo "Carlsberg", a surname and number of the player. One of large collectors of shirt of Liverpool Michael Yip warns about unfair sellers from Hong Kong. It concerns shirt not only last decade, but also 80 and 90 years. If you cannot distinguish a player shirt from a replica or a semi finished item, consult to Michael Yip (

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt   to look here

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Home shorts Home socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

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  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool FC in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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