Liverpool FC Away players kits 1999 - 2000      
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1999-00 Premier League Away player shirt short sleeve № 10 Michael Owen (big Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site Liverpool Shirts Collector

    1998-00 Away players shirt

  Manufacturer: Reebok

  Club sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1999-01

  In this away shirt Liverpool first played (how fourth shirt) Friendly match versus Sunderland, 3-2, 18.05.1999, at Stadium of Light.

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: J39,99 (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shirt, 1999)

  In a end season 1998-99 the design away shirt has changed. Liverpool used away shirt three seasons, 1998-99, 1999-00 & 2000-01. Only in season 1998-99 Liverpool used this design shirt, how fourth shirt. Only in season 2000-01 Liverpool used this design shirt, how third shirt.

  A 1.0 - Away shirt (patches Premier League & big Carlsberg logo & player number № 1) with away shorts & away socks.
  A 1.1 - Away shirt (without patches & small Carlsberg logo & player number № 2) with away shorts & away socks.

  * * - Unknown me now which kits used in this matches, I assume what used away kits

  Reserves and Youth teams not have family name players in back side shirt. Number player (start line numbers only with 1 on 11) in  in back shirt not how shirt 1st team.

  First in history Liverpool F C kits, has appeared on shorts player number, this was only in matches UEFA Cup. May be in first, shorts with player number used some teams in England, Chelsea (1964 to 1977), Ipswich Town (1969 to 1977) and else some teams. In Scotland, this club was Celtic (Glasgow), with December 1960. In season 1999-2000, shorts with player number not used. I now know as.

  Reebok replaced both the Home kit for the 1998-2000 seasons, with the home kit becoming even more retro in design, with a round neck-collar, recalling the classic 60s Liverpool kit, Once again a stripe was introduced into the shirt that was only noticeable upon closer inspection, although this time the stripe ran horizontally, not vertically as seen over many years previously.

  Again, The Oval badge was a curious design as the oval badge was a completely separate piece of material that had been sewn onto the shirt, the badge was stitched and not embossed in any way, The collar used was a typically plain retro looking collar in white, this trim was repeated onto the end of the sleeves of the shirt.

  For the first time the Reebok badge logo was used without any "Reebok" lettering, This really was a very plain looking shirt harping back to the Liverpool strips of the 60s especially and was a firm favourite with the fans after the very busy kits used by Adidas in the early 90s.


   On back side away replica shirt label "OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE"

  In seasons 1999-00 on player away shirt in away Friendly match versus Wolverhampton W )20.07.1999), used away shirt with small Carlsberg logo. May be this was in other Friendly matches when Liverpool used away shirt, now I know omly about one match.

  Also for me have question about away League Cup match vs Southampton, 13.10.1999.

  How to distinguish a away shirt of a season 1999-00, from a third shirt of a season 2000-01, only for Carlsberg logo. In season 1999-00, on player away shirt was used big Carlsberg logo, in season 2000-01, on player away shirt in away match Premier League was used small Carlsberg logo.

A 1.0
21.08.1999   away   Middlesbrough   Premier League
02.10.1999   away   Aston V   Premier League
13.10.1999   away   Southampton   League Cup
23.10.1999   away   Southampton   Premier League
20.11.1999   away   Sunderland   Premier League
27.11.1999   away   W H U   Premier League
15.01.2000   away   Watford   Premier League
13.02.2000   away   Arsenal-   Premier League
04.03.2000   away   Manchester U   Premier League
14.05.2000   away   Bradford C   Premier League
A 1.1
19.07.1999   away   Wolverhampton W   Friendly
24.07.1999   neutral   Feyenoord   Friendly

  Full list when Liverpool players used away kits will soon.


  1st image, embroidered club emblem. 2nd image, family name player and player number № 1 use on Liverpool shirt for matches Premier League, FA Cup & League Cup. 3rd image, without family name player and number № 3 use on Liverpool shirt for matches Friendly main team. 4th image, patch Premier League use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for matches Premier League, FA Cup & League Cup (patches used on two sleeves).

  The Reebok era shirts are very unlike the Umbro era ones in respect of size tags differences, player shirt and replica shirt.

  Attention! If you wish to buy a player shirt Liverpool on the Internet auction, be close. Be careful of a fake or purchases of a player shirt a semifinished item. The semifinished item is when on a game shirt add stripes (Premier League or other tournaments), a logo "Carlsberg", a surname and number of the player. It concerns shirt not only last decade, but also 80 and 90 years. If you cannot distinguish a player shirt from a replica or a semifinished item, consult to Michael Yip (

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt   to look here

Away replica shirt (small Carlsberg logo) Away shorts Away socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool FC players wearing the kits in season 1999-00

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool FC in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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