Liverpool F.C. Home & Away player kits 2002 - 2003      
H 1.0 A 1.0

    2002-03 Home & Away players shirt

  Manufacturer: Reebok

  Сlub sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 2002-04

  In this home shirt Liverpool first played in away Friendly match versus Le Havre (France), 1-0, 19.07.2002, at Stade Jules Deschaseaux, France.

  In this away shirt Liverpool first played in

  In left  -  2002-03 Home prototype replica shirt long sleeve (small Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  In left  -  2002-03 Premier League Home player shirt long sleeve № 25 Igor Biscan (big Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site Liverpool Match Shirts

  In left  -  2002-03 Home replica shirt long sleeve (small Carlsberg logo)  -  

  In left  -  2002-03 Away prototype replica shirt short sleeve (small Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  In left  -  2002-03 Premier League Away player shirt long sleeve № 38 Michael Foley-Sheridan (big Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

  In left  -  2002-03 Away replica shirt short sleeve (small Carlsberg logo)  -  

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: J39,99

  The New Shirt Saga.........

  I was I often receive emails from people stating to be a contact at the club, a friend of the player, etc etc, They give me information to publish on my site, For example who the next club sponsor will be, The next shirts will be made by Adidas or Nike.......

  Some of these emails may have a lot of truth behind them, but most of them do not, Over the last year I have received many emails with pictures showing what im told is 'definitely' the new home shirt, or new away shirt, I have always published these from the start, This site is not to make money or sell anything, just to give information to Liverpool fans and fellow shirt collectors, I also know for a fact that a contact who I have spoken to over the last year or so who is connected with the club and works for Reebok visits the site from time to time to look at what is on view.

  I had never received any mail from Reebok or Liverpool asking me to remove any of the supposedly 'new strips' images, This always lead me to believe they were probably not that close to what Reebok had in mind, However, Then in April 2002 I received an email from an anonymous person giving me the first image below in the two sets, They said they had the usual contacts etc and that these were definitely the new strip pictures, I took them at face value as I always have done and published them.


  In 2000, Reebok removed their logo and used only logotype (left). In 2002, logotype was changed and became more modern (right). In 2004, logotype again changed.

  However, only 1 day after they were first published I received an email from the gentleman I know at Reebok (Development manager) asking me to remove the images as the had always helped me in the past but they want to market and present the new strips in their own time, Therefore as you may have seen elsewhere on this site I covered the images at the request of Reebok, These covered images are shown below.

  I then was 99% sure the images must be pretty good to warrant Reebok to not want me to show them when they hadn't mentioned anything previously when I had done the same, As you can see from the images released by Reebok when they finally launched the shirts the images I was first sent 5 months before anyone else saw the new kits were identical to what was eventually released.

  I think you will agree Reebok have done a very nice job in the style and design of the new strips, I will always be interested in receiving new information and news from Reebok or the club, But will not post anything like this in future without the consent of Reebok first, I fully understand that after so much work and trying to keep it quiet and away from prying eyes it doesn't take much to ruin the surprise.

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