Liverpool F C Home players kits 2005 - 2006      
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    2005-06 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Reebok

  Club sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 2006

  In this home shirt Liverpool played in neutral FA Cup Final match versus West Ham United, 3-3 a.e.t. (3-1 on pen.), 13.05.2006, at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.

  In left  -  2005-06 FA Cup Final Home player shirt short sleeve № 23 Jamie Carragher  -  

  In left  -  2005-06 FA Cup Final Home player tracksuit top  -  image with site Anfield Relics


  1st image, special patch use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for match FA Cup Final (on every sleeves). 2nd image, special one-off match FA Cup Final embroidery Liverbird in capital letters "F.A. CUP FINAL CARDIFF 2006" on the chest of the shirt.

  Interesting fact: Usually Liverpool F C players to go on pitch (in matches FA Cup Finals) dress in tracksuit tops, with 1971 tracksuit tops have special one-off match FA Cup Final embroider. For FA Cup Final 2006 also was made tracksuit top, but in this FA Cup Final,  Liverpool F C players to go on pitch in shirts (left image). Players and manager West Ham United Alan Pardew, dress in tracksuit top with special one-off match FA Cup Final embroidery.

  In time-out between extra times halfҳ to rest Liverpool players. On player Peter Crouch, Jerzy Dudek, Djimi Traore dress simple drill top. May be why any send to me photos when on Liverpool players tracksuit top with special one-off match FA Cup Final embroidery, please contact us.

  Fakes Alert!! The use of small Carlsberg in recent Cup Finals derive lots of fakes in the market. Those DIY pieces are actually pathetic. Fakers think they can create proximity by self-embroidering the Liverbird, rub away the play-dry tag with ethanol and take some blurred pictures.
  Actually, EVERY Liverbird embroidery differs in respect of Carling Cup Final, FA Cup Final and UEFA Super Cup. The universal adoption of a single Liverbird only makes serious Liverpool collectors love.
  And of course, a genuine shirt is NOT authenticated by the presence of the silly arm-patch, embroidery and no play-dry tag. There are MANY MORE differences spotted on this geniune shirt. But sorry, there's no more Knowledge Bases page to aid the fakers.

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