Liverpool F.C. Away goalkeepers kits 2011 - 2012      
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    2011-12 Away goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Adidas

  Club sponsor: Standart Chartered

  Years worn: 2010-12

  In this away goalkeeper shirt Liverpool first played (how home goalkeeper shirt) in netral Friendly match versus Grasshopper (Switzerland), 0-0, 21.07.2010, at Herti Allmend Stadion, Zug, Switzerland.

  In left  -  2011-12 Premier League Away goalkeeper replica shirt long sleeve № 25 Jose Reina  -  image with site Dragon

  In left  -  2011-12 Reserves and Youth Home goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 1  -  not now good image

  Replica goalkeeper shirt long sleeve price: J47,00 (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shirt, 2010-11)

  In a season 2011-12 the design away goalkeeper shirt has changed. Liverpool used away goalkeeper shirt two seasons, 2010-11 & 2011-12. Only in season 2010-11, this shirt was used how home goalkeeper shirt. Liverpool used away goalkeeper shirt how in home, as and in away matches.

  Reserves and Youth teams not have family name players in back side shirt. Number player (start line numbers only with 1 on 11) in Reserves and Youth teams in back shirt not how shirt 1st team.

  In Friendly match's was used away goalkeeper shirt without player name.

   I do not know how to distinguish a away goalkeeper shirt of a season 2011-12 from a home goalkeeper shirt of a season 2010-11.

  This last season deal with Adidas, with next season 2012-13, Liverpool will played in kits Warrior Sports. Liverpool played in kits Adidas with 1985 to 1996 & 2006 to 2012.


  Club sponsor logo on home shirt.

  Interesting fact. Main in this photos what, pay attention to the led round places Jose Reina used in more official matches, replica shirt (holography logo Adidas & CLIMACOOL).
  Answer simple, how write to me big colection Liverpool shirt Michael Yip - "paniards (not just Jose Reina, but even Fernando Torres when he was still at Liverpool) PREFER slack climacool replicas instead of tight techfit match shirts".
  Jose Reina used replica shirt in match's only in seasons 2010-12 & 2011-12.
  This replica shirt for classificationcan name how, "replica-worn shirt".

  Away goalkeeper shirt with away goalkeeper shorts &  away goalkeeper socks was used in match's:

16.07.2011   away   Malaysia XI   Friendly
23.07.2011   away   Galatasaray S.K.   Friendly
20.08.2011   away   Arsenal   Premier League
24.08.2011   away   Exeter C   League Cup
10.09.2011   away   Stoke C   Premier League
15.10.2011   home   Manchester U   Premier League
22.10.2011   home   Norwich City   Premier League
26.10.2011   away   Stoke C   League Cup
21.12.2011   away   Wigan A   Premier League
26.12.2011   home   Blackburn R   Premier League
30.12.2011   home   Newcastle U   Premier League
06.01.2012   home   Oldham A   FA Cup
14.01.2012   home   Stoke C   Premier League
28.01.2012   home   Manchester U   FA Cup
03.03.2012   home   Arsenal   Premier League
10.03.2012   away   Sunderland   Premier League
18.03.2012   home   Stoke C   FA Cup
24.03.2012   home   Wigan Athletic   Premier League
01.04.2012   away   Newcastle United   Premier League
28.04.2012   away   Norwich City   Premier League


  Left to right: 1st image, embroidered club emblem. 2nd image, family name player and player number № 1) use on Liverpool shirt for match's Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup. 3rd image, without family name player and player number № 4) use on Liverpool shirt for matches Friendly main team, Reserves & Youth teams. Last image, patch Barclays Premier League use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for matches Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup (patches used on two sleeves), not used in Friendly matches.

  Attention! If you wish to buy a player shirt Liverpool on the Internet auction, be close. Be careful of a fake or purchases of a player shirt a semifinished item. The semifinished item is when on a game shirt add stripes (Premier League or other tournaments), a logo Carlsberg or Standart Chartered, a surname and number of the player. It concerns shirt not only last decade, but also 80 and 90 years. If you cannot distinguish a player shirt from a replica or a semifinished item, consult to Michael Yip (

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt to look here

Away goalkeeper shorts Away goalkeeper socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 2011-12

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F C in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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