Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1910 - 1910
H 1.0

1910-11 Home player shirt long sleeve (shirt most likely 1921-22)   -  not now good image

  All what you to see and read on this page, only my look on History Liverpool F.C. kits in 1910s - 1920s years. May be I mistake.

  1910-11 Home players shirt


  Years worn: 1909-19

  In this home shirt Liverpool first played in

  In general difficultly in detail to write about these years Liverpool, but I shall return to this stage of their history and I shall write more in detail. May be all not as, how I has written.

  In a season 1909-19 the design home shirt has changed. Liverpool used home shirt ten seasons, 1909-10 to 1918-19 (time of use home shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home shirt how in home, as and in more away matches. In season 1911-12, Liverpool may be used with home shirt different kits:
  Home shorts and home socks
  Home shorts and away socks

  H 1.0 - Home shirt with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.0 * - Home shirt with home shorts & home socks (which I assume now).

  * * - Unknown me now which kits used in this matches.

  This fragment of some photos with season 1909-10 & 1910-11. I wish to pay attention to color socks. 1st image, 1909-10 (with pre season photo) home kits & black socks with two red stripes in top. 2nd image, 1909-10 (11.09.1909 or 04.12.1909) home kits & may be simple black socks.  3rd image, 1910-11 (with pre season photo) home kits & red socks, as think David Moor. I think what on 3rd image, color socks also is black, course I can mistake and color dark red

  In 1891 the Football League required member clubs to register their colours for the first time and no two teams were allowed to wear similar shirts. The following year, when the Second Division was formed this rule was relaxed but home teams were now required to have a spare set of white shirts, which could be used if colours clashed. (, David Moor)

  This photo (lleft) with away Division One match Middlesbrough-Liverpool (05.11.1910),, how you can to see, Liverpool players in red shirts.. Course have question, at Anfield match versus Middlesbrough, Liverpool tesms played in white shirtsor.

  Else question, Liverpool in away matches versus next teams played in red shirts?

  1 - Bristol City, Manchester United Nottingham Forest Woolwich Arsenal - this teams have home shirts - red color.

  2 - Sheffield United, Sunderland - this teams have home shirts - red-white color.

  3 - Aston Villa, Bradford City - this teams have home shirts - claret color.

  If have photos or other information please contact us.


H 1.0 *
      Division One
* *
      Division One

  Lace collar used in seasons 1909-19.

  Lace collar used in seasons 1919-31, of white lining inside the laced collar.

  Left image, lace collar used in season 1909-10. .Right image, this of course not Liverpool shirt, this rare Arsenal shirt with FA Cup Final 1927 (I without Arsenal emblem with shirt). Why to do this shirt, simple what you know as the shirt of those times really looks. Besides, most likely (proofs are not present), Liverpool used shirts made by firm "Bukta", dominating at that time.

  Lace collar used in seasons 1919-31, of white lining inside the laced collar.

  I think for all 10th seasons when Liverpool used this design home shirt, this home shirt made with some echanges (on a collar and thickness of a fabric).

   Players, and later clubs, generally bought their playing kit from local sports outfitters. The kits were often locally made by the outfitters or small garment manufacturers. Bukta, founded in 1879, were the first mass manufacturer of football kits, and remained so until Humphrey Brothers Clothing were formed in 1920 in Wilmslow, Cheshire. In 1924 they became Umbro. Although these two Companies came to dominate the market they relied upon distributors and the local sports outfitters rather than supplying clubs direct.

  Now can write, what with season 1910-11, Liverpool F.C. to buys equipment for club in Jack Sharp sport shop. Right image advertisement in home Liverpool and Everton match day programme (24.09.19010). Left image Left image card featuring a selection of historical Bukta kits from an old advertisement reproduced from the National Archive.("Image with site Courses not understand of which years catalog was used this page for card.

Home shorts Home socks Away shorts
Away socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1910-11

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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