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The History Liverpool F.C. Kits 2010 - 2020
2010 - 2011
Home Away Third Home Goalkeeper Away Goalkeeper Test Carragher Third (poppy) Home G (poppy) G Test Carragher
2011 - 2012
Review kits in season 2011-2012 Home FA Cup Final FA Cup Semi-Final League Cup Final Home (poppy)
Home (Believing) H Gk FA Cup Final H Gk League C F H Gk FA Cup S-F H Gk (poppy) H Gk (Believing) Fake
2012 - 2013
Review kits in season 2012-2013 Home (poppy) Home (Believin)
H Gk (Believin) A Gk (poppy)
2013 - 2014
Review kits in season 2013-2014 Home (poppy)
Home (Believin) Home (96 patch) H Test Gerrard H Gk (96 patch) A Gk (poppy) A Gk (Believin) A G Test Gerrard A Gk (96 patch) LFC Legends 96
Home Fakes
2014 - 2015
Review kits in season 2014-2015 Home (poppy)
Home (Believin) FA Cup Semi-Final Home G (poppy) Home G (Believin) vs Real (Madrid) Charity
2015 - 2016
Review kits in season 2015-2016 Home (poppy) Home (Global G)
League Cup Final Europa League F Home G (poppy) Home G (Global G) H Gk League C F T G Europa L C F Fake
2016 - 2017
Review kits in season 2016-2017 Home (poppy)
Home (Believin) Home G (poppy) Home G (Believin) vs Real (Madrid)
2017 - 2018
Review kits in season 2017-2018 Home (poppy)
Home (Believin) League Ch Final Home (Asia) Home (Audi) Third (poppy) Third (Asia) Home Gk (poppy) Home Gk (Believin) League Ch Final
Home Gk (Asia) Home Gk (Audi) Away Gk (poppy) Third Gk (Asia) Third Gk (Audi) Blue & white Pitch black Legends
2018 - 2019
Review kits in season 2018-2019 Home (poppy) Home (Believin) League Ch Final
Avay (day of reconciliation) Home G (poppy) Home G (Believin) League Ch Final T G (day of reconciliation) Legends
2019 - 2020
Review kits in season 2019-2020 vs Bradford City
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