Liverpool F.C. Home players kits 1955 - 1956
H 1.0 H 1.1

  All what you to see and read on this page, only my look on History Liverpool F.C. kits in 40s - 50s years. May be I mistake.

  1955-56 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1955-62

  In this home shirt (V-neck collar & without Liverbird) Liverpool first played in

  In this home shirt (V-neck collar & Liverbird) Liverpool may be first played in away Division Second match versus Leeds United, 2-0, 19.11.1955, at Elland Road.

  In left  -  1955-56 Home player shirt short sleeve № 8 (V-neck collar & Liverbird)  -  not now good image

  In a season 1955-56 the design home shirt (withoit Liverbird) has changed. Liverpool used home shirt one season, 1955-56 (time of use shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home shirt how in more home, as and in more away matches.

  In a season 1955-56 the design home shirt )Liverbird) has changed. Liverpool used home shirt eight seasons, 1955-56 to 1962-63 (time of use shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home shirt how in more home, as and in more away matches. In season 1955-56 also used second home shirt (white turn-down collar).

  H 1.0 - Home shirt (without Liverbird) with home shorts & home socks.
  H 1.1  - Home shirt (Liverbird) with home shorts & home socks.
  H or S H - Unknown me now which design home kits used in this matches, but I assume used home shirt.
  H or S H or A - Unknown me now which design home or away kits used in this matches.

  With home shirt, Liverpool used home shorts (white color) and home socks (red-white color), but possible in one of away matches used away shorts (black color). Now I not know, was used white color socks in season 1956-57.

  Shirt this style (V-neck collar and short sleeves) else named now "Continental shirts". UMBRO factory made this style (V-neck collar and short sleeves) of different fabric, "lightweight cotton interlock fabric" and " heavyweight cotton interlock fabric".

  ABOUT THE KIT 1955/59

  The home shirt changed to a single buttoned white stand collar, with red cuffs in time for the 1955-56 season, a kit which would be used for at least three seasons.
  It was also around this period, possibly the following season that the first Liverpool V-neck strip was introduced. The red shirt, less baggy than its previous incarnation, incorporated white cuffs and collar, with short sleeves becoming the norm. The shorts remained white with red trim, with the socks remaining unchanged from the previous post-War years.
  A new away kit was also brought in, which was again a white shirt, black shorts (although when clashed, the home white shorts were used) and white socks. A red trim was prominent on the shirt collar and cuffs. ("Tops of The Kops" Peter Crilly)

  Pics: Liverbird on our chest

  Midway through the 1955/56 season the Liverbird took pride of place on the home shirt for the first time, reincarnated in a new design - red on a white oval patch, still on its perch and now with the initials L.F.C. underneath. On the away shirt it was the same design but with the colours reversed.

  It is difficult to pinpoint just when the new badge first appeared on the shirt although it's believed by most LFC historians that it was in November 1955. Worn on the away shirt in a 4-2 defeat to Leeds at Elland Road and then on the home shirt during an emphatic 7-0 victory over Fulham at Anfield the following week.

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  Main change, home shirt 1954-55, from home shirt 1954-55, collar became white color. Else one detail, how you understand, this only my assume. Red shirt old style with red with turn-down collar was how now say was upgrade. That is, the red collar has been removed, and on its place is sewn, a white collar. I only so can explain how this white collar is sewn, get accustomed closely (in a red circle). I also this opgraid (collar) was madr on private sewing workshop.

  Author site "" Dave Moor, has assumed, that shirts with a short sleeve, were used in good weather, and with a long sleeve, in cold. The logic in it is, but may be so business in other.

  Else what you know, home shirt with turn-down collar and long sleeves also made from different fabrics on thickness.

  My pages about history of Liverpool shirts in 50s years, most likely, contain mistakes in dating use of a shirt with a while turn-down collar or with V-neck collar. Why it is difficult, not so it is a lot of photos (at me) these years and very little where there is a date when the photo is made. It concerns also a photo of a Liverpool team.

  Home shirt with turn-down collar, which also used Liverpool F.C. in cold weather I name how "Second home shirt". Why this shirt from my site have name "Second home shirt", only for classification of the kits.

  More about second home shirt with white turn-down collar & Liverbird, read here.


  For all eight seasons, 1955-56 to 1962-63 this shirt (V-neck collar with Liverbird) course can made of different fabrics, on thickness and color. Also can to see what with season 1960-61 (right image) oval with embroidered Liverbird & L.F.C. was it is sewn some down what on Liverpool shirt (V-neck collar with Liverbird & L.F.C.) with seasons 1955-56 to 1959-60 (left image).

  With season 1955-56, manufacturer Umbro company start made new design football shirt with V-neck collar. Style football shirt with V-neck collar, made Umbro company, named "Continental" and made of new fabric, fabric name "Tangery". In Umbro catalogue for season 1957-58, write, what colors on home shirt which used Liverpool, name "Scarlet-White". Else interesting information, Liverpool can used home shirt with V-neck collar, but different thickness of a fabric, lightweight or heavyweight cotton interlock fabric.

H 1.0
01.10.1955   home   Plymouth Argyle   Division Second
H 1.1
19.11.1955   away   Leeds United   Division Second
26.11.1955   home   Fulham   Division Second
10.12.1955   home   Barnsley   Division Second
21.01.1956   home   Leicester City   Division Second
H or S H
24.08.1955   home   Sheffield Wednesday   Division Second
27.08.1955   home   Hull City   Division Second
31.08.1955   away   Sheffield Wednesday   Division Second
03.09.1955   away   Blackburn Rovers   Division Second
07.09.1955   home   Bristol Rovers   Division Second
10.09.1955   home   Lincoln City   Division Second
17.09.1955   away   Leicester City   Division Second
24.09.1955   home   Middlesbrough   Division Second
15.10.1955   home   West Ham United   Division Second
22.10.1955   away   Bury   Division Second
29.10.1955   home   Rotherham United   Division Second
05.11.1955   away   Swansea Town   Division Second
12.11.1955   home   Notts County   Division Second
03.12.1955   away   Port Vale   Division Second
17.12.1955   home   Nottingham Forest   Division Second
24.12.1955   away   Hull City   Division Second
26.12.1955   home   Stoke City   Division Second
31.12.1955   home   Blackburn Rovers   Division Second
11.02.1956   away   Plymouth Argyle   Division Second
29.02.1956   home   Leeds United   Division Second
03.03.1956   home   Bury   Division Second
17.03.1956   home   Swansea Town   Division Second
24.03.1956   away   Notts County   Division Second
31.03.1956   home   Bristol City   Division Second
02.04.1956   home   Doncaster Rovers   Division Second
07.04.1956   away   Fulham   Division Second
14.04.1956   home   Port Vale   Division Second
28.04.1956   away   Bristol Rovers   Division Second
H or S H or A
31.03.1956   away   Angers   Friendly
02.04.1956   away   Racing Club Franc-Comtois   Friendly
07.04.1956   away   Rouen   Friendly
14.04.1956   away   Saint-Etienne   Friendly
28.04.1956   away   Toulouse   Friendly

  H or S H or A - Team Stoke City how and Sheffield United have home shirt with red-white vertical stripes, and Liverpool in 60s-70s-80s versis this team in avay matches used away shirt. Was as in season 1956-57, not know. I have some doubt on a match Stoke City-Liverpool (19.01.1957). Why I doubt. In season 1957-58, in match Stoke City-Liverpool (23.09.1957), Liverpool played in home shirt, as was and in season 1957-58, on this moment I not know. In season 1957-58, in match Sheffield United-Liverpool (30.11.1957), Liverpool played in away shirt.


  Left to right: 1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird & L.F.C.embroidered on an oval). 2nd image, player number use on Liverpool shirt for matches Division One, FA Cup & Friendly.

Home shorts Home socks Away shorts
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1955-56

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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