Liverpool F.C. Home goalkeepers kits 1957 - 1958      
H G 1.0 H G 1.1 H G 1.2

1957-58 Home goalkeeper shirt long sleeve (1st variant)  -  not now good image

1957-58 Home goalkeeper shirt long sleeve (2nd variant)  -  not now good image

    1957-58 Home goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1955-63

  In this design home goalkeeper shirt Liverpool in first played in ...

  In a season 1957-58 the design home goalkeeper shirt has changed. Liverpool used home goalkeeper shirt eight seasons, 1955-56 to 1962-63 (time of use shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home goalkeeper shirt how in all home, as and in more away matches. In season 1962-63, Liverpool used with home goalkeeper shirt different kits:
  Home shorts and home socks
  Away shorts and away socks

  On this moment I now have photos and information, when Liverpool used away goalkeeper shirt, what this was I do not doubt.

  Before season 1974-75, on Liverpool goalkeeper shirt without player number.

  H G 1.0 - Home goalkeeper shirt with home shorts & home socks.
  H G 1.1 - Home goalkeeper shirt with home shorts & away socks.
  H G 1.2 - Home goalkeeper shirt with away shorts & away socks.

  * * - Unknown me now which goalkeeper kits used in this matches.


H G 1.0
28.08.1957   home   Huddersfield Town   Division Second
31.08.1957   home   Cardiff City   Division Second
04.09.1957   away   Huddersfield Town   Division Second
21.09.1957   home   Leyton Orient   Division Second
05.10.1957   home   Doncaster Rovers   Division Second
12.10.1957   home   Swansea Town   Division Second
19.10.1957   away   Derby County   Division Second
26.10.1957   home   Bristol Rovers   Division Second
16.11.1957   away   Ipswich Town   Division Second
23.11.1957   home   Blackburn Rovers   Division Second
27.11.1957   home   Rotherham United   Division Second
07.12.1957   home   West Ham United   Division Second
09.11.1957   home   Notts County   Division Second
21.12.1957   home   Bristol City   Division Second
25.12.1957   away   Grimsby Town   Division Second
26.12.1957   home   Grimsby Town   Division Second
28.12.1957   away   Cardiff City   Division Second
04.01.1958   home   Southend United   FA Cup
08.01.1958   away   Southend United   FA Cup
11.01.1958   home   Fulham   Division Second
18.01.1958   home   Middlesbrough   Division Second
25.01.1958   home   Northampton Town   FA Cup
01.02.1958   away   Leyton Orient   Division Second
08.02.1958   home   Charlton Athletic   Division Second
22.02.1958   away   Blackburn Rovers   Division Second
01.03.1958   away   Blackburn Rovers   FA Cup
05.03.1958   home   Derby County   Division Second
08.03.1958   away   Bristol Rovers   Division Second
15.03.1958   home   Lincoln City   Division Second
22.03.1958   away   Notts County   Division Second
29.03.1958   home   Ipswich Town   Division Second
05.04.1958   away   Swansea Town   Division Second
07.04.1958   home   Stoke City   Division Second
12.04.1958   home   Sheffield United   Division Second
26.04.1958   home   Barnsley   Division Second
H G 1.1
15.02.1958   away   Scunthorpe & Lindsey United   FA Cup
H G 1.2
19.04.1958   away   West Ham United   Division Second
11/05/1958   away   Real Sociedad   Friendly
* *
24.08.1957   away   Bristol City   Division Second
14.09.1957   away   Middlesbrough   Division Second
19.09.1957   away   Rotherham United   Division Second
23.09.1957   away   Stoke City   Division Second
28.09.1957   away   Charlton Athletic   Division Second
02.11.1957   away   Lincoln City   Division Second
13.11.1957   away   Hibernian   Friendly
30.11.1957   away   Sheffield United   Division Second
14.12.1957   away   Barnsley   Division Second
19.02.1958   away   Doncaster Rovers   Division Second
11.05.1958   away   Real Sociedad   Friendly
20.05.1958   away   Elche C F   Friendly
25.05.1958   away   Centre d'esports L'Hospitalet   Friendly
27.05.1958   away   Perpignan   Friendly


  1st image, embroidered club emblem (Liverbird and L.F.C. embroidered on an oval).

Home shorts Home socks Away shorts
Away socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1957-58

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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