Liverpool F.C. Away goalkeepers kits 1996 - 1997
A G 1.0 A G 1.2 A G 1.4

1996-97 Away replica goalkeeper shorts  -  image with site Dragon Soccer Jersey Collection

  1996-97 Away goalkeepers shorts

  Manufacturer: Reebok

  Club sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1996-97

  In this away goalkeeper shorts Liverpool may be first played in away Friendly match versus Burnley, 4-0, 12.08.1996, at Turf Moor.

  Replica shorts price: J (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shorts, 1996)

  In a season 1996-97 the design away goalkeeper shorts has changed. Liverpool used away goalkeeper shorts two seasons, 1996-97 & 1997-98. Only in season 1997-98 Liverpool used this design goalkeeper shorts, how third goalkeeper shorts. Liverpool used away goalkeeper shorts how in home, as and in away matches.

  A G 1.0 - Away goalkeeper shirt (patches Premier League & big Carlsberg logo & player number № 1) with away goalkeeper shorts & away goalkeeper socks.
  A G 1.2 - Away goalkeeper shirt (without patches & no REEBOK letters & without Carlsberg logo & player number № 1) with away goalkeeper shorts & away goalkeeper socks.
  A G 1.3 - Away goalkeeper shirt (without patches & big Carlsberg logo & player number № 3) with away goalkeeper shorts & away goalkeeper socks.
  A G 1.4 - Away goalkeeper shirt (without patches & small Carlsberg logo & player number № 4) with away goalkeeper shorts & away goalkeeper socks.
  A G 1.* - Unknown me now which goalkeeper kits used in this matches, but I assume used away goalkeeper kits.

  Interesting fact: May be I mistake, but in season 1996-97, away goalkeeper kits were used only in away matches and with away kits. This interesting, before and after away goalkeeper kits, can used in home, as and in away matches.

  How you know, on Liverpool shirts for match Cup Winners Cup, oh company Reebok logo without Reebok letters (below image). This was UEFA rule for shirts.

  On shirt in Cup Winners Cup have embrouder logo Reebok, when we not to look writen name REEBOK (in left), in right usual REEBOK logo for player shirt (season 1997-98).

  Only these UEFA rule not work for Liverpool shorts. How you to see David James (left image) before match Cup Winners Cup versus My-Pa 47 (Finland, 12.09.1996) in home goalkeeper shorts, when full Reebok logo. It is paradox!

  In 1996 Liverpool changed their kit manufacturer after a long association with Adidas 1985 to 1996 & will again sign deal with 2006 to 2012. In 1996 was signed deal with kit manufacturer Reebok 1996 to 2004.

  The Reebok era shirts are very unlike the Umbro era ones in respect of size tags differences, player shirt and replica shirt.

A G 1.0
17.08.1996   away   Middlesbrough   Premier League
29.09.1996   away   West Ham United   Premier League
12.10.1996   away   Manchester United   Premier League
23.10.1996   away   Charlton Athletic   League Cup
29.12.1996   away   Southampton   Premier League
08.01.1997   away   Middlesbrough   League Cup
02.03.1997   away   Aston Villa   Premier League
15.03.1997   away   Nottingham Forest   Premier League
24.03.1997   away   Arsenal   Premier League
13.04.1997   away   Sunderland   Premier League
A G 1.2
06.03.1997   away   Brann Bergen   Cup Winners Cup
10.04.1997   away   Paris St.Germain   Cup Winners Cup
A G 1.*
12.08.1996   away   Burnley   Friendly
13.05.1997   away   Sunderland   Friendly

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  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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