Liverpool F.C. Away players kits 1996 - 1997
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1996-97 Premier League Away player shirt long sleeve № 21 Dominic Matteo (big Carlsberg logo)  -  

1996-97 Cup Winner Cup Away player shirt short sleeve № 3 John Scales (no REEBOK letters & small Carlsberg logo)  -  

1996-97 Premier League Away replica shirt long sleeve № 11 Jamie Redknapp (small Carlsberg logo)  -  

  1996-97 Away players & replica shirt

  Manufacturer: Reebok

  Club sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1996-97

  In this away shirt (big Carlsberg logo) Liverpool may be first played in away Friendly match versus Burnley, 4-0, 12.08.1996, at Turf Moor.

  In this away shirt (no REEBOK letters & without a Carlsberg logo) Liverpool first played in away Cup Winners Cup match versus Brann (Bergen, Norway), 1-1, 06.03.1997, at Brann Stadion.

  Replica shirt short sleeve price: J (the price is specified in a year of made and sale of this shirt, 1996)

  Replica shirt long sleeve price: J

  The Reebok era shirts are very unlike the Umbro era ones in respect of size tags differences, player shirt and replica shirt.

  Attention! If you wish to buy a player shirt Liverpool on the Internet auction, be close. Be careful of a fake or purchases of a player shirt a semifinished item. The semifinished item is when on a game shirt add stripes (Premier League or other tournaments), a logo "Carlsberg", a surname and number of the player. It concerns shirt not only last decade, but also 80 and 90 years. If you cannot distinguish a player shirt from a replica or a semifinished item, consult to Michael Yip (

  Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt, and as other features of a player shirt

  Some text in down and photographies take with site: www LiverpoolKits com.


  A 1.4 - 27-28 january 1997 year, Liverpool played in Friendly Amsterdam Tournament. Team played 6 x 6. In this matches was used shirt with small Carlsberg logo and with player number with Liverbird, how on replica shirt. For this matches Liverpool may be used replica shirts, may be not.


  1st image, family name player and player number use on Liverpool players shirt in season 1996-97. 2nd - 3rd images, family name player and player number use on replica shirts.

  Both the replica and the players shirt have the embroidered Reebok logo.
  Left: On the replica shirt, you can see ONE the small registered mark (circled-R). Only in season 1996-97 on player shirt used ONE the small registered mark (circled-R).
  Right: On the players shirt (season 1997-98), you can see TWO small registered mark (circled-R), one next to letter "O' of Reebok, and the other in the middle of the Reebok slash.


  Top: Carlsberg Logo on replica shirt is much smaller.
  Bottom: Carlsberg Logo on players shirt is much bigger. On players shirt also can was small Carlsberg Logo (season 1997-98), but this only on shirt for European Cup matches, to see in top.


  Top: Replica shirts has size tags denominated in inches numbers - 46/48
  Bottom: Players shirt has size tags denominated in words instead - XL (only for seson 1996-97) In season 1997-98, for away, home goalkeeper & away goalkeeper shirts, all on the contrary, size label for players shirts 46/48 and XL for replica shirts.

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1996-97
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