Liverpool F.C. Away goalkeeper kits 1994 - 1995
A G 1.2

1994-95 League Cup Final Away goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 1 David James (big Carlsberg logo)  -  not now good image

  1994-95 Away goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Adidas

  Сlub sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1995

  In this away goalkeeper shirt (big Carlsberg logo) Liverpool played in neutral League Cup Final match versus Bolton Wanderers, 2-1, 02.04.1995, at Wembley, England.
  In season 1994-95, general sponsor League Cup was firm of U S A "Coca-Cola". Cup have mame League / Coca-Cola Cup.

  For matches in League Cup Final, Liverpool team used player numbers with 1 to 23, and some Liverpool players have other players numbers. List numbers change:

usual number   player   number in L C F
-   -

  For this match was used a special match embroidery (below) and on shirt without player family name which used Liverpool in official matches. It only my assumption.


  Was used a special one-off match embroidery in capital letters "WEMBLEY FINAL 2ND APRIL 1995" on the chest.

  The cup final match shirt carries an unique embroidery and other distinctive features, which will not be published here.

  Show images of Liverpool F C players wearing the kits in season 1994-95

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