Liverpool F.C. Training kits 1960 - 1981    

1980-81 Gola Home player track suit top (Reuben Bennett, may be of other seasons 1977-78 or 1978-79)  -  image with site

    1960-81 Training kits


  Club sponsor: Gola

  Years worn: 1962-81 (time of use tracksuit is probably inexact)

  Company Gola - first title sponsor Liverpool FC?

  This photo is from the page of Michael Makison, Liverpool FC Historical Group, this photo says that the photo was taken before the 1962-63 season. In the photo, no Liverpool player is wearing a long-sleeve shirt.
  As how my site about Liverpool kits, I want you to pay your attention to training suits in which the trainer's staff is dressed. On Bob Paysley, Bill Shankly and Joe Fagan tracksuit tops, not good we to see which emblem, Umbro or Goal? Yes, on tracksuit top Gola logo.


  This interesting question. All know what first title sponsor for Liverpool F C was Japan Company Hitachi, which sing deal with club in spring 1979. All remember what first HITACHI logo was on Liverpool shirt in season 1979-80.

  These photos course not first when on Liverpool staff, Joe Fagan (Reserves Team Coach) and Bob Paysley (First Team Coach) in tracksuit tops with Gola logo. Reuben Bennett (Team Coach) in tracksuit top without Gola logo (left image)  This photo I to find in official team booklet Liverpool's road to Wembley", this booklet was printed before FA Cup Final 1971. How you understand, not can any of peoples why work in Liverpool FC to dress training kits unknown logo (may be I mistake). First photo I to find with Bob Paysley in tracksuit top with Gola logo on Liverpool F C team photo, before start season 1969.

  This embroidery logo "Gola SPORTS FOOTWEAR"company Gola which was used on tracksuit with 19-- to 19-- (time of use tracksuit is probably inexact).


  This image with video training Liverpool FC players, at Melwood. Here Bill Shankly in tracksuit top. On front side tracksuit top, embroidery "G". On back side tracksuit top, print "GOLA".

  Certainly, it was possible an element of the advertising company of firm Gola.

  This embroidery logo "G" company Gola which was used on tracksuit with 19-- to 19-- (time of use tracksuit is probably inexact).

  In below some photos Bob Paisley, Bill Shankly and Ronnie Moran, for different years. What we to see: Bob Paisley in tracksuit top with Gola logo. Bill Shankly (different date photo August 1973 or May 1974) in t-shirt with printed Gola written. Bob Paisley (autumn 1974) in tracksuit top with printed Gola written. Else some below: Ronnie Moran with bag with printed Gola logo (25.05.1977). Bob Paisley (summer 1976) in tracksuit top with printed Gola written.


  Course of if Gola logo was on Liverpool shirt not was this question. All also know what before season 1979-80, in Division One was interdiction on uses of advertising on football shirts.

  Course I not know was n August 1969 sing part of a new sponsorship deal Liverpool FC and company Gola. Deal was on new level. Before Liverpool to buy football boots Gola else with middle 60s. Why I written "deal on new level", simple Gola logo was on Liverpool trianings kits (not for all).

  This photo (left) was made 28 May1981 year (if right data photo on site, here Bob Paisley wit third winner Cup European Champions. Pay attention on tracksuit top. On this tracksuittop not only Gola logo, but personal embroyder "Bob Paisley". Only with season 2000-01, on Liverpool kits have the initials staff, here "GH" - Gerard Houllier.

  This not end my article about Liverpool and deal with ompany Gola. This article soon will update.

  Interesting fact. In 1965, the Liverpool Football team actually called in to the Gola factory, on their way to the FA Cup Final, to pick up some free football boots. However, Adidas, a rival sportwear brand, approached the team at the match and asked them to wear their boots. The Liverpool players took the money from Adidas but actually wore the Gola boots, disguising them by painting on the distinctive three stripe logo of Adidas. The Liverpool team went on to win the Cup. This event started Gola’s close relationship with football.

  This advertising football boots Gola in magazine Goal, may be for 1963-65 years. On photo: Callaghan and St John like their other Liverpool team mates, wear Gola.


  Advertising 1966.


  If who has information on it, shall be glad. Write to me contact us.

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