Liverpool F.C. players & replica kits 1978 - present      
    Replica shirts in official matches Liverpool F.C. (this article not end)

  Replica shirt which used in official matches can name, how "replica-worn shirt" or "replica shirt (worn)".

  Else 15-20 years ago this not was problems for collections Liverpool F.C. shirts, as how not was more information. All we know what season 1978-79, Liverpool F.C. made for sale in club shops, replica shirts. May be in start 1980, company Umbro made box-set with football kits (shirt, shorts & socks), for different English and Scotland clubs, including for Liverpool F.C.


  This first replica shirts which was made in 1978-81, 3 variants, have some didderents. Which of this replica shirts was sale in 1978 years, I not know.


  1978-81 replica kit still in the original Umbro box. Note that footy was strictly "for boys" in those days (inside Umbro box not a Liverpool replica shirt).

    First when collectors Liverpool F.C. shirts faced this problem after a FA Cup Final match Arsenal-Liverpool (12.05.2001).

  1st image, Steven Gerrard in player shirt with short sleeve. 2nd and 3rd images Vladimir Smicer & Markus Babbel in (player) shirt with short sleeve in right sleeve have plastic logo


  Left image, player shirt № 2 Stepfan Henchoz, worn in this Final match, Right image, replica shirt № 32 Jon Newby, made for this match.

Next step, this was with home and away shirts in season 1988-89.


  In a season 1988-89 the main rule of difference of player shirts from replicas has been destroyed, Liverpool began to used in all matches (except for match FA Cup Final), shirts with rubber embossed an emblem club and trade mark Adidas, that is replicas. But the main thing, that is not present such shirts not in one collection (at last that one has appeared, but photos very small, of the collection Colin Wright, home shirt № 9. Basically classical player shirts of a season 1988-89, with the embroidered emblem of club and trade mark Adidas. Above, a home and away shirts with rubber embossed an emblem club and trade mark Adidas. Liverpool goalkeeper, used goalkeeper shirt with embroidered Adidas logo & club emblem.


  1988-89 Home replica shirt short sleeve № 16 Ronnie Whelan (rubber embossed Adidas logo & club emblem, worn, signed Ronnie Whelan)


  1988-89 Home player shirt long sleeve № 3 Gary Ablett (embroidered Adidas logo & club emblem)  - image with site Anfield Relics

  Here we else not say about Reserves and Youth team, which kits played this teams. Can only say, what I have information, but not as more how wish.

  What you know some fact of history shirts for Reserves and Youth teams. Season 2000-01, as in this season players Reserves team, used in matches player shirts. Players Youth (U 19s and U 17s) team, used in matches replica shirts.

  If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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