Continental style of the football form on fields of Foggy Albion in 50th years    

  In the mid-fifties the equipment of football clubs of England began to undergo changes. Company Umbro began to produce shirts and pants in continental style (Continental style shirt and shorts).
  That from itself represented continental style, it is a shirt with a V-shaped collar, instead of bulky turn-down collars with a lath under the buttons which sleeves were short, the shirt was easy and fitted a body. Cowards are much shorter, than was, now play cowards is long which as well as then was to knees. To the middle of 50th years basically shirts with a long sleeve were used, but also there were exceptions. I about it am guided by a site ( so there is an information that on April, 27th, 1935 at Wembley, in a FA Cup Final, players of Sheffield Wednesday played shirts with a short sleeve.

  New trends have come to the industry of the football form to foggy Albion as write, after two companionable matches against modular Hungary, on November, 25th, 1953 to Wembley and reciprocal game, on May, 23rd, 1954 in Budapest. Where also we see on players of modular Hungary the form continental style (look a photo more low). Introduction of the form of continental style has been involuntarily connected with two great defeats of English national team against Hungary in these matches.

  The summer of 1954 in Switzerland held the World Cup on football and is possible on it there were representatives of firm Umbro who besides were manufacturers of the form for English national team. And so, on it only 3 national teams the representing European continent left in the field in shirts of "Continental style" (the shirt with a V-shaped collar and a short sleeve), is modular Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria.

  In the field of stadium at Wembley, on November, 25th 1953, deduce the commands the captain of modular Hungary Ferents Pushkash (at the left and the captain of English national team (on the right)). (A photo from a site

  Hand shakes of captains before a match Hungary-England, on Nepstadion, on May, 23rd, 1954 in Budapest, Ferents Pushkash and (on the right)). (A photo from a site

  It is a shirt of the player of modular Hungary Bozhika, the middle of 50th years. In Great Britain shirts of such design and from such fabric, began to name "Continental".

  Shirts of continental style began to be called as Matt Busby style later. It confirms not only a cover of the catalogue of firm Umbro for a season 1958-59, but also labels on shirts under a collar, with an inscription "Styled by Matt Busby for UMBRO".
  The question why? Manchester United in the mid-fifties was the leader in the Championship of England is natural, it was the Champion of the first battalion in seasons 1955-56 and 1956-57, and also the finalist of the FA Cup 1957 and 1958. The terrible tragedy has happened on February, 3rd, 1958 in Munich, air accident at which 8 players of Man United were lost. It only my assumption, but shirts of continental style with a label "Styled by Matt Busby for UMBRO" have appeared for a season 1958-59, after tragedy in Munich. There are 100% the information that on shirts Manchester United for the FA Cup Final 1958 label has been sewed a label, as below.

  It is a fragment of an original shirt, it is possible Wolverhampton Wanderers that time, continental style with a label "Styled by Matt Busby". A photo from a site By the way, 50th years it and an epoch of victories of "Wolves" (Wolverhampton Wanderers), three victories in the first battalion, in that, two successively, 1957-58 both 1958-59 and a victory in the FA Cup of 1960.

  It is a fragment of an original shirt of club Accrington Stanley, continental style with a label "Styled by Matt Busby", but design of a label another. Probably, shirts with such labels were produced by firm Umbro with 1960 for 1962. I will repeat, this my assumption. I have visited a site (, but also on page to the devoted form Accrington Stanley, have not found the answer.
  Labels different in design say that shirts were produced in different years, an interval of change of labels probably 2 or 4 years.

  As I think, the first match in the form of continental style was on players of football club Manchester City, and there was it on May, 7th, 1955 to Wembley, in a FA Cup Final against Newcastle United.

  Liverpool in turn began to play to the form of continental style in the autumn of 1955, I not undertake now (2019) to name exact date of the first match.

  This photo is taken from an album "LIVERPOOL A PICTORIAL HISTORY" (1992), it probably one of the first matches when players of Liverpool left in the field in shirts with a V-shaped collar, but without a club emblem.
  To conversation on how edification a photo with matches and to do then conclusions. Under this photo in an album there is a text that this photo from a September match of 1954 on Enfield against Plymouth Argyle, but on a photo you see Ronni Morana (at the left) which did not play then and consequently the information in this book concerning this photo is erroneous. And on mine, this photo from a match against Plymouth, but the match has been played on October, 1st, 1955. At the left on photo Laurie Hughes and Ray Lambert

  The first match of Liverpool in shirts of continental style with a club emblem on today's put it is considered an away match against Leeds United, on Eland Road, on November, 19th, 1955.

  There is one more detail, but about it can write only with reference to FC Liverpool, after a shirt with a V-shaped collar began to appear and with a long sleeve. As it is specified in firm Umbro catalogue in a season 1957-58 (screens of earlier catalogues at me are not present), the shirt of continental style (a V-shaped collar and a short sleeve) from a fabric of two types which distinctions was in a thickness of a fabric was offered. On firm Umbro shirts there was a special label with "UMBRO TANGERU LIGHT WEIGHT", TANGERU is a name of a fabric, LIGHT WEIGHT is a thickness of a fabric.

  The form of modern style has been quickly applied also by clubs, and by 1957 almost each command in England and Scotland has been dressed in the form of new style.

  I want to remind, now football clubs of Great Britain receive equipment from the manufacturer, for example for Liverpool, it is firm New Balance. In 40, 50. 60 during earlier time, football clubs bought equipment including shirts in city sports shops, for FC Liverpool, such shop was "Jack Sharp" on Whitechapel 28. This shop (Jack Sharp) on shirts (on them there is an information) sewed a shop label, as on a photo. A photo from an away shirt of Liverpool of 1950.

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