Liverpool F.C. Away kits 1980 - 1982      
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  Player away shirt № 10 (with embroidered on a shirt Umbro logo and Liverbird).

  Player away shirt № 4 Phil Thompson (with sewn on a shirt Umbro logo and Liverbird red color).

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    HITACHI logo on Liverpool away shirts

  This article is written after occurrence on a site www/ for sale of an away shirt № 4 belonged Phil Thompson.

  Small digression of occurrence of HITACHI logo on Liverpool shirts.

  In 1979 Liverpool has concluded three years the deal from Japanese electronic company Hitachi. And since a season 1979-80 on shirts there was a trade mark of the sponsor of club Hitachi. A match when for the first time players of Liverpool send on a floor in shirt with HITACHI logo, I do not know. Until recently I considered, it was on August, 1st, 1979 in an away Friendly match against Borussia Moenchengladbach. But in what shirt Liverpool played, not clearly. Hardly below two photos from matches which date is known.


  The first photo, it from an away match against League of Ireland on August, 18th, 1979 and the second photo, from home match Division One against Bolton Wanderers, on August, 21st 1979. As it is possible to see, these are home shirts with small Umbro logo and greater HITACHI logo. In a shirt of this variant (with greater HITACHI logo) Liverpool, most likely, played a season 1979-80, at least, in 13 matches in Division One. At the moment of a writing of article, I did not see any video since a season 1979-80 where Liverpool played shirts with HITACHI logo.


  Liverpool not the first club who has concluded the commercial contract with the sponsor, in 1978, Derby County has concluded the contract with the Swedish manufacturer of cars SAAB, but the Football Association of England has cancelled this transaction and shirts Derby County with SAAB logo have been destroyed. Well and the first occurrence of commercial on shirts in the Great Britain, it was on January, 24th 1976, in match Kettering Town-Bath City on shirts of club Kettering Town there was an advertising of local firm Kettering Tyres. Four days later, Football Association has ordered to club that has removed a logo, but Derek Dougan (the manager of club) has changed a word on shirts on Kettering Town, and approved, that "T" means "City". Nevertheless, in April FA has ordered, that the club has removed words which the club has made because of threat of the penalty in 1 000 pounds. In Scotland, such club was Hibernian on which shirts in a season 1977-78, there was trade mark Bukta.

  As to the basic theme. So than this away short the matter is that Umbro logo and Liverbird (the truncated emblem of club) has not been embroidered on a shirt is interesting, and are sewed (look below).

  Else, step by step, we more know of details "white holes" of history Liverpool F C shirt. Now in some Liverpool shirt collections and some photos can to see away shirt with sewed by embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird on shirt, which can used in season 1980-81, only on away shirt. Can used Liverpool in season 1979-80, away shirt with sewed by embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird on shirt, big question. Photo Alan Hansen (below left) written what they to do (22.01.1980), but can to do (29.09.1979), this two away matches versus Nottingham Forest. Or with other away match when Liverpool used away shirt.

  Photo where it was possible to see away shirt with sewed by embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird on shirt and small HITACHI logo, has been printed in Liverpool Year book 1980-81. You see the recruit of club Ian Rush signed in May, 1980 (middle below). Phil Neal (right below) photo with unknown data match in away shirt with sewed by embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird on shirt and small HITACHI logo. This know only one, Liverpool played in this design away shirt.



  1st - 2nd images: red Umbro logo & Liverbird embroidered on a away shirts.
  3rd - 4th images embroidered red Umbro logo & Liverbird sewed on a shirt.


  This photo send to me Stephen Done (, how can to see, how on old style away shirt (big yellow Umbro logo & Liverbird), seasons used 1976-77 & 1977-78, was sewed embroidered small red Umbro logo & Liverbird.

  Stand main questions/ 1st - why Liverpool used away shirt with sewed embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird on shirt. 2nd - where was sewed Umbro logo & Liverbird on this away shirts, on Umbro fabric or Liverpool club workers?

  Away shirts with HITACHI logo (1979-82) are at several collectors of Liverpool shirts, I about those who show the collections in Internet. And I have noticed, that as well as here, the paint on HITACHI logo was not absolutely kept, the red paint for HITACHI logo not high quality is picked probably up. On the other hand there are away shirts with well kept HITACHI logo, as on an away shirt № 10 (at the left in top).

  If who has information on it, shall be glad. Write to me contact us. Clause in the further will be added.
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