The History Liverpool F.C. Kits 1939 - 1940
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Home player kits
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1939-40 Home player shirt long sleeve  -  not now good image

  All what you to see and read on this page, only my look on History Liverpool F.C. kits in 1930s - 1940s years. May be I mistake.

  1939-40 Home players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1934-40 & may be 1947-49

  In this home shirt Liverpool first played in

  In a season 1934-35 the design home shirt has changed. Liverpool used home shirt eight seasons, 1934-35 to 1939-40, 1947-48 & 1947-49 (time of use home shirt is probably inexact). Liverpool used home shirt how in all home, as and in more away matches.
  Home shorts and home socks

  H 1.0 - Home shirt with home shorts & home socks

  My pages about history of Liverpool shirts in 30th years, most likely, contain mistakes in dating use of a home kits. Why it is difficult, not so it is a lot of photos (at me) these years and very little where there is a date when the photo is made. It concerns also a photo of a Liverpool team.

  How more know, in season 1939-40, Liverpool played only 3 matches in Division One. After start World War Second, in which participated Great Britain, club played in regional league, Western Division.
  Also difficult say was on Liverpool shirts players numbers, when Liverpool played in Western Division.


  With season 1934-35 change design home shirt, was used red turn-down collar with two white buttons. May be with season 1939-40, on autumn-spring variant home shirt, collar to have again of white lining inside the turn-down collar and with one with button.

  This player shirt of collection Colin Wright (,owner this shirt write "Liverpool Late 30s Early 40s Shirt Worn Ray Lambert". Why this image on this page, simple this rare Liverpool F.C, home shirt and you can to see which fabric can made shirt in 30s-40s years. Else one, in 40s and 50s years Liverpool used two variants shirts, autumn-spring variant shirt for good weather and winter variant shirt for cold weather.

  On 5 June 1939, the Football League Management Committee finally decreed at its annual general meeting that players on each club would wear numbers 1 through 11 in league matches and that the numbers would be assigned according to position. William Cuff, the incoming Football League president, turned aside a proposal that would have made shirt numbers optional; either all clubs would wear them or none. The vote was 24 for numbering and 20 against. Shirt numbers were first worn in league play during the 1939-40 season, which was abandoned after three rounds of matches on the outbreak of the Second World War. Thus the first official season in which Football League matches featured shirt numbers was the first conducted after the war, the 1946-47 season.


  Interesting fact: The man that much of this is ultimately down to is legendary Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman, who pioneered the idea of numbered strips in a match with Sheffield Wednesday back in 1928. In the aftermath, the idea was cast aside by English football’s governing body, but after various reported instances of sides wearing them for the next decade or so, it was decided that all players should wear numbered shirts in 1939.

  In the first game at Stamford Bridge, only the outfield players wore numbers (2-11). The Daily Express (p. 13, 27 August 1928) reported, "The 35,000 spectators were able to give credit for each bit of good work to the correct individual, because the team were numbered, and the large figures in black on white squares enabled each man to be identified without trouble." The Daily Mirror ("Numbered Jerseys A Success", p. 29, 27 August 1928) also covered the match: "I fancy the scheme has come to stay. All that was required was a lead and London has supplied it."
  Next match when was used player number, was match FA Cup Final Everton vs Manchester City, 29 April 1933 year. Players wore numbers on the back of their shirts: Everton wore 1-11 while City were 12-22 (on left image).

  Interesting else one, what on official match day programmes Everton F.C. may be with season 1896-97, can to see player numbers near family name players 1-11 and 12-22, this fragment of programme for match Everton v West Bromwich Albion 17 Apr 1897 (on right image).

  Interesting fact: For last information which I to find, first match when Liverpool to played in shirt with players numbers, was home Friendly match between Reds (Liverpool first team attack) and White (Liverpool first team defense), 9 August 1939. Number 6 on away shirt can was red, but I assume and black color.

  On 11 June 1994, the Premier League decided at its annual meeting not only that clubs should adopt the squad numbering system, but also that players would wear shirts bearing their names as well as their squad numbers in league play at the start of the Premiership's second season, 1993-94.
  In away match last season versus Brentford (19.11.1938), Liverpool uaed home kits. Think and away match Division One versus Sheffield United (26.08.1939), maay be also used home kits.


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09.08.1939   home   White   Friendly
30.08.1939   home   Middlesbrough   Division One
26.08.1939   away   Sheffield United   Division One
02.09.1939   home   Chelsea   Division One


  Player number use on Liverpool shirt for matches Division One, Western Division, War Cup & Friendly (with season 1949-50).

  This label with Liverpool home shirt which can made and used in season, not know end 30 or start 40s years. I not can correctly to define what this lmanufacturer label Bukta or Umbro. as how this label distributor shop Jack Sharp Ltd SPORTS DEPORT LIVERPOOL. Some below have else other label BDA "Rigmel" SHRUNK, which know this label, that the cotton cloth which was made this shirt, was treated with water-repellent coating.

  If you have other information about this technology, please contact us.

  Players, and later clubs, generally bought their playing kit from local sports outfitters. The kits were often locally made by the outfitters or small garment manufacturers. Bukta, founded in 1879, were the first mass manufacturer of football kits, and remained so until Humphrey Brothers Clothing were formed in 1920 in Wilmslow, Cheshire. In 1924 they became Umbro. Although these two Companies came to dominate the market they relied upon distributors and the local sports outfitters rather than supplying clubs direct.
  Now can write, what with season 1910-11, Liverpool F.C. to buys equipment for club in Jack Sharp sport shop.

  Note that Liverpool FC did not release any replicas shirts prior to season 1978-1979.

Home shorts Home socks
With the description of the shirt, shorts, socks and features. Difference between a player shirt and a replica shirt.


Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1939-40

If you have any further information on any of the kits featured or omitted please contact us. I are currently researching the kits worn by Liverpool F.C. in individual games and would appreciate any information you may have for this season's games.

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