Liverpool F.C. Home & Away kits 1976 - 1982      


Season 1976-77
Home Away
Season 1977-78
Home Away Away
Season 1978-79
Home Away Third


    1976-82 Home & Away players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1976-78 (big UMBRO logo) & 1978-82 (small UMBRO logo)

  Made Liverpool kits on factory Umbro in the end 70s

I As the made Liverpool kits on factory Umbro in the end 70s, and then where they were stored in club was produced.

  This images with factory Umbro to find John Devlin in the Topical Times Book of Football 1979. As what Liverpool supporters to look how made players and replica shirt. If I not mistake Liverpool shirt in hands woman with small Umbro logo, as what this photo reporting to do in 1978. With season 1978-79 in Liverpool F C club shop can to buy replica shirts with short sleeves.

   images (above) with site True colours football kits www.truecoloursfootballkits.

  Roy Evans in the boot room at Anfield.

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