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    1979-82 Home & Away players shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro

  Years worn: 1979-82

  In this shirt (Small Umbro logo and big Hitachi logo) Liverpool first play in away friendly match v Borussia Moenchengladbach, 4-2, 1 August 1979, at Bokelberg.

  Exeter City, 28 October 1981, whan Liverpool used yellow shirt with Hitachi logo.

  In what matches Liverpool played in shirts with a club sponsor logo Hitachi and in what is not present, I now do not know. But, most likely this teleimage and an interdiction of FA Association or UEFA on uses of advertising on shirts during television display of matches. It concerns the size with a club sponsor logo Hitachi which was two variants. What for the first time was on shirts, I till last year (2010) have been assured, that the big sponsor logo. But there was Alan Hansen's photo (sponsor logo Hitach with big Umbro logo) and it is necessary to establish date of this match.

  "Hitachi" - logo on Liverpool FC shirts

  Information on the Hitachi Shirts

  The Hitachi Shirt was never sold in a short sleeve replica version, The only replica versions you could buy were long sleeve, and most that have survived the last 20 odd years are child sizes, Anything larger than 36" are like hens teeth and command high prices, Players shirts are even rarer, the only one ive seen in 2 years of collecting Liverpool shirts is the one ive managed to recently obtain.

  As you can see from close inspection of the shirts in the two images below the size of the 'hitachi' lettering changed from game to game, The Hitachi lettering on the image on the left is much narrower and smaller than on the shirt in the second image, If you look closely you can see the whole word is not wider than the umbro badge and liver bird on the shirt in image 1, However the word 'Hitachi' is a lot wider and taller on the shirt in the second image, The first shirt worn by Liverpool displaying the Hitachi logo in the 79-80 season displayed the longer/larger Hitachi logo, this was used for the whole season where permitted, However in the following 80/81 season the smaller Hitachi logo was allowed for some televised games after the sponsorship laws were changed, From then on until the end of this Hitachi sponsored shirts life in 1982 the shirt was changed from week to week between the smaller and larger Hitachi logo depending on whether the game was televised or the rules of the footballing authority of the time.

  In the main this was due to advertising laws of the time, There were laws put in place by the football league allowing the sponsors brand to be a maximum size on the shirt for televised games, And then when Liverpool were playing in a game that was not being televised the 'Hitachi' logo could be larger on the front of the shirt.

  The Story of Liverpool's sponsorship deal with Hitachi

  Liverpool so often pioneers claimed another distinction by becoming the first football league club to announce they would be carrying a brand name on the players shirts during the 1979-80 season.

  The League champions took a giant stride towards what they hope will be a new frontier by agreeing a one year deal with Japanese electrical firm Hitachi, under which their brand name is featured in a 2.5 inch strip across the front of the famous red jerseys.

  And Liverpool's ultimate aim is to obtain massive injections of cash into football by changing current regulations which do not permit shirt advertising in televised matches, FA Cup ties or European games.

  "We are talking about an industry that is desperately short of money and we are fighting for our existence" said John Smith at a press conference to announce the Hitachi deal, "In terms of commerce and industry we, at Liverpool, are broke but in football terms we are wealthy. "From a turnover of J2.4 million last year, Liverpool's profit at the end of the day was a meager J71.000...this is for one of the leading clubs in Europe.

  "The overheads in our game are colossal and we have got to generate more remunerative activity off the field. The days are gone when a club like ours can control their destiny on the money coming through the turnstiles"...."I think other clubs will follow our lead. We are taking up the cudgels and I believe we will see the day when shirt advertising is allowed in televised games and in UEFA Competitions.

  Only two European countries- England and Italy - outlaw TV shirt advertising but if that ban was lifted clubs could collect J250,000 a season and upwards in common with their European counterparts.

  The deal with Hitachi - which also includes match sponsorship and limited ground advertising - was agreed by Liverpool after two years of unsuccessful negotiations with British companies both in the private and public sectors.

  Liverpool players wore the new look strip for the first time in the pre-season friendly against Borussia Moenchengladbach in Germany....and won 4-2.

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  Liverpool sign deal with Hitachi

  Television will be on Liverpool next season. The League champions have decided to wear shirt advertising and the sponsor will be Japanese TV and electronics giant Hitachi. That’s the name Anfield old-boy Kevin Keegan wears on his Hamburg shirt in Germany,
And the shock behind this pioneering move by Liverpool – most successful club in the League – is that they claim they are doing it to stay alive.

  “We are fighting for our existence,” was yesterday’s staggering comment from chairman John Smith, as he announced a one-year, J50,000 deal with Hitachi.

  The money may not seem a lot at this stage, but Liverpool are hoping it will be a trail-blazer. The aim to challenge regulations which ban shirt advertising in televised matches, FA Cup ties and European games.

  Quoting figures that emphasise the grim financial position in football, Smith revealed:

   “From a turnover of J2-4 million last year, Liverpool’s profit at the end of the day was a meagre J71,000 … this for one of the leading clubs in Europe.

  “It shows the paucity of money in British football. Our neighbours, Everton, for instance, made a profit of J2,000 last year and the year before their figures was just J184. And only a handful of clubs make a profit at all.

  “The days are gone when a club like ours could control their destiny on the money coming through the turnstiles. It is absolutely essential to generate income from other sources.

  “We have agreed to this deal to help safeguard the long-term financial interest of the club.”

  Liverpool expect to get League and F.A. permission for their Hitachi emblems within the next few days.

  (Daily Express, 25-07-1979)

  Phil Thompson and model Teri Byrne parading the new shirt sponsor at Anfield in the summer of 1979

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