Liverpool F.C. Home goalkeeper kits 1975 - 1976    
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1975-76 Home goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 1 Ray Clemence (with ADMIRAL logo)  -  not now good image

    Ray Clemence for Liverpool, but in goalkeeper shirt made Admiral

  What in this interesting, long years national team England played in kits manufacturer company Admiral.
  This photo Ray Clemence I to find today (1 November 2018) in page Liverpool FC Historical Group, Ray in goalkeeper shirt with Admiral logo. Written what his at Victoria Ground versus Stoke City. I think what this match was 26 December 1975 or may be 31 March 1975. Why Clemence wearing Admiral shirt, your assumption please contact us. Simple answer can be. Kitman (Joe Fagan or Ronnie Moran) forgot to bring goalkeeper shirt at Melwood.
  Main what informacia was right, first question, photo made at Victoria Ground, when played football club Stoke City or on other stadium and second question, when made this photo, 31 March 1975 or 26 December 1975.
  Course this detail, but for my site this detail need, not understand was player number on Clemence shirt, not know which color it was, white or red, red color numbers also was used.

  Team Stoke City played in kits manufacturer company Admiral only one seaason 1974-75, but goalkeepers Stoke City can used this shirts and in season 1975-76.

  This two fragment of pre-season photos Stoke City made in August 1974 and 1975 year. John Farmer and Mike McDonald, right image, August 1974. On rignt image Peter Shilton and ?, photo made in August 1975. All in goalkeeper shirt Admiral.

  How I written before, I not know used goalkeepers Stoke City this shirts and in season 1975-76, but this shirt can was in boot room at Victoria Ground, 26 December 1976.

  This photo Piter Shilton, when played for Stoke City, also not know when made this photo. Image weith magazite Shoot or other, with site

  More old football supporters cnow what Shilton and Clemence in one time played for national team England. Interesting one detail. When Shilton played for Stoke Sity (November 1974 - September 1977), his like played in goalkeeper shirt blue color, of course if team Stoke City not played versus team, how Chelsea or Leicecter City and ets team with blue shirts.

  This photo with site, with match Stoke City-Liverpool, 26 December 1976, but on photo, Peter Shilton, in shirt blue or yellow color.

  Else one interestin history of football life Ray Clemence which I to find on site /, I recomend to visit this site, as what writen. the text is completely taken from there and unchanged.

  ""When England travelled to Romania for a World Cup qualifying match in October 1980, Ray Clemence would probably have expected to wear a blue jersey, as Romania wore yellow shirts. However, he took to the field in a green adidas jersey.

  It was identical to the one worn by the Romanian 'keeper, apart from the fact that it had no emblem. As Clemence wore the black shorts and socks that were normally worn with the yellow jersey, we can only assume that England accidentally packed the yellow and were left with no option but to borrow an alternative from their hosts. Whatever the reason, it also affected the Under-21 team, because John Lukic wore a plain blue jersey in the previous day's Under-21 international.

  Coincidentally, when England opened their defence of the World Cup against Romania, in their previous meeting, back in 1970, Gordon Banks took to the field in a yellow shirt, thus clashing with the Romanian shirts and he had to change into a red shirt at half-time."

  This is what happens in football, this is one of the hundreds or maybe a thousand, when the goalkeeper plays in an unusual goalkeeper shirt for the club. As an example of this


  As featured in The Lost World of Football, here’s David Harvey of Leeds mixing and matching his club and country kit in 1978. Yet more Smiley surprises and Leeds in red kit in the Leeds edition! (photo with site
  I used full photo, when we can understand, David Harvey on photo played at Elland Road, stadium Leeds United, may be versus team in green shirts.

  Can remember of season 1982-83

  It I interested me, and I tried to find the answer. Who wants, watch on the "Youtube" page (here) small video the review of this match. There is also a full match where there is an absolute answer, on why on players of "Luton Town" of Kirk Stephens, and then in the second half of Mal Donaghy, played in a goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool FC.

  My answer such is after the goalkeeper of Luton Town team Jake Findlay was traumatized, most likely, it was impossible to take off a goalkeeper shirt from it, and the spare shirt in a locker room, most likely wasn't. And here, Liverpool team came to the rescue, having provided house a goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool FC.

  At the left on the right. These are fragments from this match. 1st image, the goalkeeper Luton Town, Jake Findlay in a green goalkeeper shirt Luton Town. 2nd image, the defender of Luton Town team Kirk Stephens in a home (green) goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool FC. 3rd image, the defender of "Luton Town" Mal Donaghy in a home (green) goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool FC. 4th image, the goalkeeper of "Liverpool" Bruce Grobbelaar naturally in a home (green) goalkeeper shirt of Liverpool FC.

  Show images of Liverpool FC players wearing the kits in season 1975-76
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