Liverpool F.C. Away goalkeeper kits 1995 - 1996      
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1995-96 FA Cup Final Away goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 1 David James (black big Carlsberg logo)  -  not now good image

1995-96 FA Cup Final Home player tracksuit top  -  image with site The Liverpool Shirts Museum

    1995-96 Away goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Adidas

  Сlub sponsor: Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1996

  In this design away goalkeeper shirt Liverpool in played in neutral FA Cup Final match versus Manchester United, 0-1, 11.05.1996, at Wembley.



  In left image, patch FA Cup Final use on sleeves Liverpool shirt for match FA Cup Final (patches used on two sleeves). In right image, special embroidery for match "F.A. Cup Final May 1996.

  Ian Rush, Lee Sharpe, Michael Thomas, Andy Cole and Stan Collymore mingle before kick off. The only memory for this cup final match now is Liverpool's all white Armani suits worn prior to the match.

  Liverpool’s decision to wear cream Armani suits for the 1996 FA Cup Final, as much as their subsequent defeat to Manchester United, drew stinging criticism.

  The incident is still dragged up as the prime example of the ‘Spice Boy’ mentality which surrounded Anfield in the mid-1990s and made them nearly-men.

  Goalkeeper David James was responsible for the suits and Dominic Matteo admitted 'Never has so much damage been done to a team’s reputation.'

  In his autobiography 'My Defence' he (Jason McAteer) wrote: 'All sorts were said about us, from being too big for our boots to a team that was more concerned with swanning round like playboys than playing football.

  'None of it was true, as anyone who had been in our dressing room at Wembley would have known. The scene was one of total devastation.

  But, in terms of Liverpool’s reputation, the damage was done. The Spice Boys had been born.'

  Show images of Liverpool F.C. players wearing the kits in season 1995-96
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