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    AFC Liverpool shirts honour the Hillsborough 96
  17th Jan 2009

  AFC LIVERPOOL are to wear special commemorative shirts to mark the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy.

  AFC Liverpool's Hillsborough memorial shirt 320 (17.01.2008).

  The Vodkat Division One league leaders had to obtain special dispension from the league due to strict shirt sponsorship guidelines.

  The red shirt with 96 in the middle accompanied by two eternal flames and the date of the disaster will be worn for the rest of the season.

  AFC Liverpool chairman Paul McCombs said: "This is an incredibly proud moment in the short history of AFC Liverpool, as we enter the 20th anniversary year of the Hillsborough disaster.

  ”We wanted to do this to illustrate our support, unity and grief with the victims of Hillsborough and those who continue to campaign for justice on their behalf."

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  On Liverpool F.C. shirts first in remember Hillsborough tragedy, on club crest to have 2 torches with fire in season 1993-94 (left). With season 2012-13, on each Liverpool F.C. shirts have behind a shirt, below a collar, 2 torches with fire and 96 (right).

  AFC Liverpool used shirt with print "96 HILLSBOROUGH" after and other seasons (photo below).


  27th August 2014 - NWCFL Premier Division game between AFC Liverpool and AFC Blackpool played at The Arriva Stadium, College Road in Liverpool.

  Show images of Liverpool FC players wearing the kits in season 2008-09
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