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  Club sponsor: Standard Chartered, PT Garuda Indonesia

  Years worn: 2012-15

  In this TruSox Liverpool first played in ...

  Liverpool Duo Gerrard & Suarez Latest To Wear TruSox

  They're the socks that are sweeping the Premier League, having already attracted the likes of Gareth Bale, Emmanuel Adebayor, Aaron Lennon, Demba Ba, Victor Moses, Cheick Tiotй & Shola Ameobi. This past weekend saw the star-studded list extend by two - and what a duo they are!

  Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez were seen sporting a pair of TruSox in the Reds 2-1 away win against Aston Villa (31.03.2013) at the weekend. Two of the season's stand-out performers gave the hotly-reviewed socks a test after seeing second choice Liverpool GK Brad Jones packing a pair in his kit-bag!

  The ground-breaking socks tackle one of the most common problems faced by footballers. Non-slip pads on the inside and outside of the sock stop it from sliding on your foot and stop the sock from sliding within your boot. They also lock your foot inside your boots, helping to reduce blisters and enabling you to push off with optimal power.

  Trusox - socks with special antiskid small pillows.

  We're sure to see even more of the Premier Leagues top flight players benefiting from the socks. Already armed with a strong squad of players - all of which receive no endorsement money - TruSox have now released a range of new colours to help match the team colours of England's top sides. FA rules dictate that any under-socks must match the same colour as your team sock.

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  In season 2014-15 this TruSox Daniel Sturridge, Mario Balotelli (below photos) Martin Skrtel, Lazar Markovic and may be other Liverpool players. Steven Gerrard not dress this TruSox in season 2014-15.

  In season 2015-16 this Martin Skrtel, Christian Benteke, Nathaniel Clyne and may be other Liverpool players.

  In season 2016-17 this Georginio Wijnaldum and may be other Liverpool players.

  In season 2017-18 this Georginio Wijnaldum and may be other Liverpool players.

  Performance enhancing socks. Lock your foot in your shoe for the best overall performance.

  TruSox have non-slip applications on both the inside and outside of the sock to stop the sock from sliding on your foot, and stop the sock from sliding within the shoe. The TruSox mus be in direct contact with your shoe for best results.

  Change Directions Faster - keep your foot from moving within your shoe and maximize your power transfer as you change direction.

  Reduce Blisters - the patented and patent pending technologies built into TruSox stop the repetitive motions between the foot, sock, and shoe which cause blisters.


  Left image, Daniel Sturridge in TruSox, in neutral Friendly match versus Manchester City (25.08.2014). Right image, Mario Balotelli in TruSox, in home Champions League match versus F C Ludogorets, Bulgaria (23.09.2014).

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