Liverpool FC Players & goalkeepers kits 1976 - 1993    

1977-78 Home player shirt short sleeve № 13 (big UMBRO logo, staff shirt, unknown season used)  -  image with site

1993-94 Friendly Third goalkeeper shirt long sleeve № 13 (small Carlsberg logo)  -  

1997-98 Premier League Away player shirt short sleeve № 13 Karl-Heinz Riedle (big Carlsberg logo)  -  image with site

    1976-93 players & goalkeepers shirt

  Manufacturer: Umbro & Adidas

  Club sponsor: Hitachi, Crown Paints, Candy & Carlsberg

  Years worn: 1976-93 (time of used this shirt is probably inexact)

  Liverpool shirt with number 13 in 70-80-90s

  In many collections there are shirts of field players with player number 13, but not everyone know, that such shirts dressed on fortune, the trainers of Liverpool FC.

  Else some yearss ago I think what "shirts with player number 13 in England 70-80 years were considered as number for spare goalkeepers, as well as now in teams of a reserves and youths".

  Now (15.10.2016) I think what not as all was, I find some videos when Liverpool goalkeepers to go on substitute not in goalkeeper shirt with player number 13. To watch my screenshoot from video, down.


  This screen shot with neutral Charity Shield match against Everton (16.08.1986)
  On a photo you to see, how Bruce Grobbelaar was substituted on field to go Mike Hooper with player number 17 on shirt.

  31 January 2014, I have e-mail from Nick, his write what on Youtube have video with Dubai Champions Cup match versus Celtic (04.04.1989). This was first on my eyes have screen shot, when field player in shirt with number 13, this Steve Staunton, his in this match to go in sub, but shirt not was fortune, his missed penalty kick.

  As what, how I think before, shirt with number 13 can used in Friendly matches field players. Now stand question, played in official matches (FA Cup Finals, League Cup Finals, Charity Shield and Europe Cups) in shirt with number 13 field player.
  Answer read the answer under the photo with David Fairclough

 Start line numbers is with 1 to 11 numbers (before season 1993-94). First match for Liverpool (main team) when was substitute player, if I right remember, this was in Charity Shield match Liverpool-West Ham United, at Anfield (15.08.1964) and was Phil Chisnall. Course I not says about Friendly matches when can was more substitutions. With other side in Friendly matches can to go on field, players with number 13 (I suppose such opportunity).

  David Fairclough with shirt number 13 which his was on bench in European Cup Final (25.05.1977) match vs Borussia (Moenchengladbach, FRG).

 With season 1965-66, can was substitutions one player, this player have number 12.

  Then start tradition dressing shirt with number 13 on staff mans, I course not know. One understands, shirt with number 13 was dressing staff for fortune. First Liverpool shirts with number 13, was on home shirt with seasons, 1976-77 & 1977-78 (on left side page). Only I not know was dress this shirt in seasons, 1976-77 & 1977-78.

  Now I suppose such possibility that on a bench in official matches (FA Cup Finals, League Cup Finals, Charity Shield and Europe Cups), there were field players in shirts with number 13.

  Since the 1993-94 season players have a fixed number. On left side page else some below, Karl-Heinz Riedle was first Liverpool field player why had shirt with number 13 (1997-2000). After shirt with number 13 had Danny Murphy (2000-2004), Anthony Le Tallec (2004-2006).
  Of Liverpool goalkeepers, shirt with number 13 had David James (1993-94).

  Below some screen shots, when on staff mans dressing shirt with number 13. If I to find other photo. I will update this page.

  This Liverpool locker room at Anfield, after Division One match versus Aston Villa (07.05.1983). On photo Bob Paysley (manager) and two Team Coaches Ronnie Moran and Joe Fagan which dressing home shirts with number 13.

  This Liverpool locker room at Wembley, only after League Cup Final match versus Everton (28.03.1984). On photo (left to right): Roy Evans, Ronnie Moran and Joe Fagan (manager). Roy Evans and Ronnie Moran work in season 1983-84 how First Team Coaches. Course of we not to see back side Roy Evans home shirt, but good can to watch, what on Ronnie Moran dressing home shirt with number 13.

  Monday 30 July 1984. With one of Melwood’s old concrete walls in the background, first-team boss Joe Fagan - wearing a number 13 shirt (seasons 1978-82) and with his socks rolled down (soks with seasons 1982-85).

  On a photo, locker room at Anfield, before match Division One versus Watford (24.11.1987), to see back side Roy Evans and Ronnie Moran dressing home shirts with number 13.

  On a photo, it is possible to see, how Roy Evans deduces on a floor for substitute Ronny Rosenthal, in an away match against Nottingham Forest (16.08.1992).

  On a photo, Liverpool Under 18s team, after win tournament in Spain. In left side this photo, Liverpool player in shirt with number 13, un right side photo, young Steven Gerrardt. Full photo you can to see (

  If who has information on it, shall be glad. Write to me contact us.

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