Gloves on hands Liverpool F.C. goalkeepers    
  Gloves on hands Liverpool F.C. goalkeepers

  Now not surprise what on hands Liverpool FC goalkeepers have goalkeepers gloves.

  This first photo which I to find when on hands Liverpool goalkeepers, Elisha Scott have gloves, special knitted gloves, Elisha Scott in Liverpool with 1912 to 1934.


  In left image, you can to see how on Ray Clemence hands, have green gloves. This interesting, when Liverpool goalkeepers start used gloves. Now difficult understand which glove was used, sport gloves or simple garden gloves.

  In more photos 60s years on Liverpool FC goalkeepers (Tommy Lawrence and Ray Clemence) played in matches with clear hands.

  Now I not know when was made photos in left side page. In this style home goalkeepers shirt with white embroidered club emblem (Liverbird & L.F.C.). Liverpool start this style goalkeeper shirt used in season 1972-73.



  Below left Tommy Lawrence before matches, may be seasons 1968-69 or 1969-70. Interesting what in hand Tommy Lawrence, tower and gloves?

  Here young Ray Clemence dress home goalkeepers shirt with round collar, this photo made may be in season 1969-70, Ray made 14 appearances. OInly one, in this style home goalkeepers shirt with round collar Ray Clemence played also in season 1970-71. In away match versus Arsenal (28.11.1970).


  Goalkeeper gloves in modern style Liverpool goalkeepers (Ray Clemence) how I think used in season 1976-77.
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