The History Jack Sharp sports shop 1903 - 1988    

  The retirement from football allowed Jack to focus on his eponymous business which he had founded in 1903. Like Frank Sugg, another former Everton footballer-cum-cricketer, Jack had entered into the burgeoning sports outfitting and equipment sector.

  Players, and later clubs, generally bought their playing kit from local sports outfitters. The kits were often locally made by the outfitters or small garment manufacturers. Bukta, founded in 1879, were the first mass manufacturer of football kits, and remained so until Humphrey Brothers Clothing were formed in 1920 in Wilmslow, Cheshire. In 1924 they became Umbro. Although these two Companies came to dominate the market they relied upon distributors and the local sports outfitters rather than supplying clubs direct.


  Jack Sharp. former Everton (1899-1910)

  Jack Sharp catalogue 1905 (image top right).

  This advertisments "Jack Sharp" and "Sugg"sports shops of matchday Everton and Liverpool union programme for 24 September 1910.

  Now can write, what with season 1910-11, Liverpool FC to buys equipment for club in Jack Sharp sport shop.

  I to find in Everton and Liverpool union programme for season 1919-20, with advertisement "Jack Sharp" sport shop (38 Whitechapel). Clubs Everton and Liverpool, could buy equipment in "Jack Sharp" sport shop. Jack Sharp.

  I else in this programmes, can to find else some advertisement other sport shops in Liverpool. "Frank Sugg" sport shop (12 Lord Street). "Hibbard's aieral football" sport shop (21 Richmond Street).

  Bukta catalogue card may be printed in 1920 years, may be earlier. (image with page In 25 November 2020 I to find some full card ffrom six squares, before that there was a photo of four squares with different styles of shirts.

  "I’ve just come back from a week away in Herefordshire where despite not being near a computer I managed to get a football kit fix in Tintern Abbey gift shop of all places! I spied on the rack this wonderful card featuring a selection of historical Bukta kits from an old advertisement reproduced from the National Archive." (text of, 22 November 2009)

  While pursuing his dual cricket and football careers, Sharp, possessed of keen business sense, had taken the opportunity to open an eponymous emporium that dealt with sports equipment and outfitting at 36-38 Whitechapel, Liverpool in 1903 that rapidly became very popular. In his article on Sharp and speaking of the sporting-goods shop, Rob Sawyer writes: It featured, as its logo, a sportsman clad half-and-half in cricket whites and Everton colours. The motto to accompany it was Jack O Both Sides a nod to his parallel top-class sporting careers. As well as negotiating deals to supply the Merseyside football clubs (and many others) with kit and equipment, Jack s business was given unique rights to sell Everton match day tickets in the city centre in the 1940s and 1950s huge queues would snake along the Whitechapel pavement in advance of the biggest matches.

This catalogue "Bukta wear" 1931 and page of catalogue. Can to played Liverpool in kits manufactured Bukta in season 1931-32 before and after, not know

  This catalogue "Umbro" 1935 and page of catalogue. Can to played Liverpool in kits manufactured Umbro in season 1935-36, not know

  Jack Sharp sport sop also printed catalogues, here you can to see Jack Sharp catalogue winter sports 1935-36. Expert sports outfitter, 36 & 38 Whitechapel, Liverpool.

  This label with Liverpool home shirt which can made and used in season, not know end 30 or start 40s years. I not can correctly to define what this lmanufacturer label Bukta or Umbro. as how this label distributor shop Jack Sharp Ltd SPORTS DEPORT LIVERPOOL. Some below have else other label BDA "Rigmel" SHRUNK, which know this label, that the cotton cloth which was made this shirt, was treated with water-repellent coating.

  Jack Sharp sports shop, 1946. (image with site


  Embroidery "Jack Sharp sport shop" label which stitched on shirts which was sale in this "Jack Sharp sport shop". On lable have embroidery "Jack Sharp LTD SPORTS DEPORT LIVERPOOL". May be used with 1947 to 1952 (time of use this design label is probably inexact).


 Jack Sharp sports shop, unknown me year photo. (image with page

  Embroidery "Jack Sharp sport shop" label which stitched on shirts which was sale in this "Jack Sharp sport shop". On lable have embroidery "JACK O'BOTH SIDES SUPPLIED BY Jack Sharp WHITECHAPEL LIVERPOOL". May be used 1963 (time of use this design label is probably inexact).

  "It had been her idea to send my dad down to Jack Sharp's sports shop in Whitechapel to buy the Liverpool kit of red shirt, white shorts (with red line down either side) and red-andwhite socks as a Cup final present. She'd been the one who sewed the oval piece of cloth bearing the Liver Bird on to the shirt. And she was the one who realized when they got in back to Garstang that it lacked the finishing touch. A number 9 on the back to signify my undying love for Ian St John.

  So she set about solving the problem by taking a needle and white cotton and stitching the outline of 9 on the shirt, imagining this final gesture would make my joy complete." (of book Brian Reade, "44 Years With The Same Bird: A Liverpudlian Love Affair" Preparing for FA Cup Final 1965.

  This collar with away player shirt № 3 Ian Ross with season 1967-68. Here can to see standard Umbro label for this season. Also Jack Sharp Sports shop with embroidery "JACK SHARP LTD. SPORTS OUTFITTERS 36 AND 38, WHITECHAPEL, LIVERPOOL".

  Jack Sharp sports shop, 1970s. (image with site

  Jack Sharp sports shop, 1974. (image with page


  Upon his (Jack Sharp) death, his family members became the Directors of his business, which continued to flourish until it was taken over by JJB in 1988.

  Now to address 36 Whitechapel,,company "Trailfinders" (2020).

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