Question about Liverpool FC kit    
  Who can knows when this photos is made?

  This photo Mike Hooper, photo made how I think in season 1986-87, at Anfield, else one photo unknown before Liverpool goalkeeper shirt. How you can to see, this home goalkeeper shirt without CROWN PAINTS logo. I else not find which match was used this goalkeeper shirt, Mike Hooper in season 1986-87 used in 13 matches, 6 matches at Anfield.

  I now think what was in one this matches. Mike Hooper, main goalkeeper in Reserves team, but I not think what this photo made on one of match Liverpool Reserves team.

  1 - 25.08.1986 vs Manchester City, Anfield, Division One.
  2 - 30.08.1986 vs Arsenal, Anfield, Division One.
  3 - 04.05.1987 vs Watford, Anfield, Division One.
  4 - 12.01.1988 vs Stoke City, Anfield, FA Cup.

  If you have any information about when was used this style home goalkeeper shirt, please contact us.

  In season 1985-86, Liverpool starter in shirt CROWN PAINTS on two lines, but after New Year, the design CROWN PAINTS logo was change, written on one line. Why was change sponsor logo, I not know (may be with problems with TV).

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