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    Free video: Behind the scenes with LFC's kit manager
   22nd September 2017

  Lee Radcliffe provides a fascinating insight into his role as kit manager at Liverpool FC in a new behind-the-scenes video made by club sponsors Carlsberg.

  The Reds' official beer partner was granted access to Melwood in order to document a day in the life of a key man in the first-team setup.

  Explaining his day-to-day duties, Radcliffe says: "As a kit manager my main role is organisation. From your daily training routines to managing training kits, how they get washed and folded.

  "Towards the end of the week, when you're building up to the weekend, it's all about preparation for the game.

  "On a matchday, the kit and the players' kit are put out in a particular way so they know exactly what they're getting.

  "My role is to make sure the players have got everything they need."

  Radcliffe also reveals how much the club means to him on a personal level as a Scouser and lifelong LFC fan.

  He adds: "The club means the world to me. In a city like Liverpool, you're brought up with it as a family tradition.

  "We all feel part of the club, everyone sticks together and everyone puts 100 per cent in.

  "That's why the club is a real family club."

  Watch the video for free below.

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  Kits staff: Kit management co-ordinator:  Lee Radcliffe, Kit man/co-ordinator:  Graham Carter.

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